Play the game your own way

Irish snooker legend Alex Higgins passed away recently.

He was widely revered for his pure artistry with a cue in what is an insanely intricate game that requires incredible skill to play even moderately well.

One of the things that made Alex so watchable, aside from his natural charisma and swagger, was that he played a slightly different version of the game everyone else was playing.

Everyone else was very sensibly trying to pot the ball and get great position on the next object ball. Not Alex.

Alex was trying to make it fun for Alex. “Hey, if i get out of position on the next ball maybe i’ll have to pull out a really amazing shot to continue!”.

He wanted his games to be exciting for HIM! And it made for great viewing.

He did the exact opposite of what everyone else was trying to do: play the percentages and grind out a victory by being boring.

Here we see Alex in action in 1982 when he won his second world championship. This was in the semifinal. Alex needed to win this frame at this visit to the table to stay alive.

he was such a good potter he could let the positional play slide a bit. and it was fun to watch!

6 responses to “Play the game your own way

  1. I always loved Jimmy White for the same reason. Hendry and Davies won everything but were boring as batshit.

    When White lost the World Championship after being 14-8 up I always thought he threw matches to win dodgy bets. Now I think he was just an unfortunate bottler.

  2. Class.

    Alex lived quite near me for a time in the early eighties.

    He used to come into our local to smash the back out of the pool table and send all the wannabee hustlers away with their tails between their legs.

    Sad loss.

  3. I was the north east southern tier age 31-32 partial semi-finalist of the almost international Snooker Club of far eastern Long Island.

  4. agreed ben. the robotic potters ruined the game on TV.

    thesearenthewordsbut, i would have loved to have seen alex in action on a pub pool table.

  5. You had told me how great a game snooker is Vinny. I will need to learn. I love 9 Ball. And there was that guy in the comic who always played snooker Andy Cap?

  6. howie, alex was a whiz at the nine ball pool too. check this out.

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