If you love advertising you should read this

It’s my first boss doing a Q&A with the New York Times. In it he answers questions from readers about what it was really like to be in advertising in New York in the Mad Men era.

you can read it here.

Ed is, i would argue, the best American copywriter ever.

He would probably agree. And he would be right.

As ever.

That was his talent: being right. All the time.

I won’t explicitly mention his name for fear he might google it and come here and critique my writing.

I know he’d find something wrong with it!

14 responses to “If you love advertising you should read this

  1. It’s kind of weird such a great ad man never wrote a book about advertising.

    He did write a book about the Paris-Dakar race… weird an too bad.

  2. You worked for Ed? Jesus now I’m really jealous. I need to quench that with some Wheat Thins….

  3. He was always right, because, fair dos, he was always right, but not in a gracious way.
    I don’t think the concept of magnanimity cut much ice with him.

  4. yes dave, he was full on. he could see things others couldn’t see but sometimes had difficulty articulating these things to others. partly because they were so obvious to him. and that would aggravate him. in snooker terms he was Alex Higgins!

  5. Vinny Ed is the guy you waited to work for in NY while driving the carriages from your Adverve story?

  6. yup that was him howie

  7. Thanks Howie. I regularly read their blog. Heck, I even have their poster right next to me!

  8. I outed you Vick and roping you into twitter now. I told Darryl Ohrt on you. There are a few stellar agencies with great people. Escape Pod. Humongo. And Powered. And of course SELL SELL! ;-)

  9. Vinny you didn’t know your blog was a social network did you?!

  10. that was my goal all along howie! evil laugh!

  11. Howie, I think you’re confusing me with Vic Polkinghorne. I have no affiliation with Sell Sell, just happen to have the same first name.

  12. Thanks for this link Vinny – what a hero Ed is, I devoured his answers like a fat man eats cake.

    I enjoyed the name confusion Howie and Vik, thanks for the kind words BTW.

  13. glad you liked Vic (not Vik). ed was the only true natural at advertising i’ve ever seen. hypercritical. he really wanted to sell stuff.

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