Happy birthday Harry Potter!

I have witnessed first hand the awesome impact of HP on the younger generation. and i have to say it’s been mostly very positive. JK Rowling turned on a generation young kids to reading REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG books at the height of the internet mania. No mean feat.

My recently teen daughter is “somewhat of a stickler for the canon” as she puts it herself. Yes, the fans really do talk that way about the books. They are truly reverential.

Anyway, we are celebrating HP’s birthday today as we usually do. He was born on this in 1980.

It’s also JK Rowling’s birthday!

6 responses to “Happy birthday Harry Potter!

  1. Being a LOTR/Conan fan and having read a gazillion adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books I never got into Harry Potter. I watched one of the movies on a plane without sound and didn’t think I needed the sound looking back.

    That said this is why I love Harry Potter:
    Author wrote the books after divorcing. Sorry buddy you missed out on a billion not making this lady happy!
    Religious Groups freaking out because they think it promotes witchcraft. Anything that freaks out religious groups I support and know is good for this world.
    Its wholesome good fun. Even if I don’t get HP I know it is so benign that kids should be reading it. At least it doesn’t have any religious undertones like Narnia.

  2. yes howie, there is a generational component to this. this is THEIR star wars. and, weirdly, it was book based. so their brains were actively switched on. the movies aren’t nearly as good as the books per my daughter.

    they’re not “canon”.


  3. Hi Vinnie,

    This is completely off topic, but I thought it might interest you all the same:



  4. I loooooved first 3 books. still do. I think they’re masterfully written and plotted.
    the rest are not bad but I think she started to complicate too much.

    the impact on kids is enormous. my librarian said that kids’ mmebership skyrocketed after HP came out. and is still rising. since I’m a member of “reading generation” I think it can hardly get better than that.

  5. guy i saw that. a hero!

    riki, i read first book. loved it. and it did get a bit LOTR later on in terms of sheer size. one thing i notice is my kids are really technical about story and character. harry potter was a great first obsession. tonight my HP nut daughter came home with a book about “The Potterverse”. deep sigh.

  6. you really must read second and third. both better than first.
    Rowling at her best.

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