Brands exist for a reason. Becoming a brand, just making it that far means you have a fan base.

You’re doing something right. People dig you for some reason.

That means you have some sort of future.

The only question is, how great will that future be?

Just as with people, brands are only as good as their choices. Does the brand make the right moves at the right time? That’s kind of all there is. What are you doing right now? That will dictate your future.

Nike could very easily have become New Balance or Brooks. A specialty running brand from Portland OR beloved of running geeks.

Instead it devoured the global sports apparel market whole.

Clearly Nike CEO Phil Knight has an endless appetite. For success. For excitement. For life.

And that is what ultimately defined the brand. Phil Knight’s vision for it. He had an idea of what the brand’s destiny could be. And he achieved it.

He deserved his success because he went for it. You don’t stumble into that sort of success.

What is your brand’s destiny?


  1. I want to be a Wheat Thin. But with really expensive caviar on top.

    I think you are talking about dreams, vision and appetite for risk here. But execution is the key. You nailed it.

    Typical successful brands have a strong leader that can rally the cause. Its is the rare brand that survives in tact when that person is gone. What will happen to Nike when Phil leaves or dies? Apparel. GOLF CLUBS! Seriously. Very few leaders would risk moves like that. Jobs thinking PHONES! Collectives would never green light this stuff. Dictators with Ego’s always. Collectives fear sinking the ship. Dictators sink with the ship proudly.

    Case studies galore just so many of us prefer working for these people than being a Brand. And its hard for a collective to be a BRAND vs an individual. What think you Vinny?

  2. totally howie. Budweiser was owned by the Busch family. that’s why the ads were good. the people selecting the ads were good.

    ditto apple. ditto virgin.

    but that’s the low hanging fruit. most brands aren’t like that.

    and that’s where we come in!

  3. You’re not pitching for Nike are you Vinny? :)

  4. Wouldn’t dream of it Phil! Nike is in very good hands.

  5. Nike just took a kicking. The “Just Pay It!” campaign against Nike, led by United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS), was unstoppable. In a landmark, unprecedented win, students and human rights activists have forced the hand of retail giant Nike to pay $1.54 million to compensate 1,800 laid off workers in Honduras.

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