Make sure your ideas are digestible

You would never paint all the walls in your house vibrant purple simply because your decorator thinks it would be cool.

You would never build a house that is an inverted pyramid simply because some random architect thinks it would be cool.

Some ideas will just never fly. Because they’re crazy. Though I do like that inverted pyramid house idea.

So if you’re trying to sell a great idea to a client make sure it’s an idea THEY think is great. Because it solves the agreed problem.

You’d be amazed what executions you can get away with when all concerned are first convinced that it solves their problem.

That’s when you get license to do what you think is right. When others agree with you.

People have to be able to go home to their significant others the day you present your ideas and say to them “Hey, you know that problem we have, well how bout if we…(your idea here)?”.

And their significant other, who has been hearing about this problem for waaay too long, has to go “Wow, that’s a great idea!”. And mean it.

Everyone needs to feel a sense of relief when they hear your idea.

Your idea has to digestible to one and all.

Just noticed that I’ve started writing like Dave Trott.

And you love it, don’t you.

Don’t lie to me.

You do.


8 responses to “Make sure your ideas are digestible

  1. In the words of one-time DDB managing partner John Greening, joking about the agency’s response to a client who sparked to an idea: “You like it? We love it.” Not always the best strategy… except selling beer ads I suppose… getting to your “because it’s cool” rationale. Worked in the 90s. Not so much anymore.

  2. At the agency I freelance at now you don’t even get ideas past some creative teams. “That would never work!!!!!” or “That’s too outrageous!!!”. Good thing I charge by the day….

  3. You mean Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Surely?

  4. I have to admit I chuckled a bit at the end. Writing like Dave Trott can be fun and slightly addicting. I have also found that people have a harder time arguing against something when it is written out in that fashion.

    Maybe writing like Dave just makes things more digestible?

  5. This is a hard subject Vinny. You are right. And you are wrong. You are 100% right. But it’s also why so many campaigns suck moose ass. As you famously quoted on Adverve if you have $500mil to spend you can afford to be boring.

    Its weird that someone will pay an agency to handle marketing/advertising because the Brand doesn’t do this themselves. But then not trust/believe etc the same people they are going too because its not your core competency.

  6. i know what you’re saying howie. but most ad campaigns fall at the first fence. they never really try to solve a problem. they just radiate bullshit.

    in my experience, i’ve always been amazed at what i “get away with” when i’ve demonstrated to the client that we are seriously into solving their problem via advertising. as opposed to just doing some advertising for them. big difference!

  7. yes jeff.

    well dave’s work is very hard-hitting and on the money.

    so it makes sense his writing style is too.

    and it does look nice on the page.

    which means it’s more likely to be read.

    job done.


  8. Dave,

    john greening!

    i remember him well. you couldn’t wish for a better booster of your work in a budweiser meeting. he would laugh heartily at a typeface choice!

    things have just gotten more complicated. and the market is for people who can make sense of it all. which is where norm and i come in!

    i always felt a little under-utilized at DDB. strategy is my forte. i love it.

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