I’ve been watching A SINGLE MAN starring English actor Colin Firth. In period costume yet again.


That was a joke.

It was directed by fashion designer/idea guy Tom Ford. A man who has already had an insane amount of success in his life. Gucci, Yves St. Laurent blah, blah, blah. Never makes a bad move. He then set up shop on his own and now has his own TOM FORD fashion brand. You might think that all this would be enough for Tom. But no. Oh no!

Tom can’t leave well enough alone apparently. He had to go and chance his hand being a director.

Wow. What a cliché! What hubris!

(rubs hands at prospect of pretentious American lightweight dilettante soiling self in public)

“Fashion idiot embarrasses self with dire directing debut!” is the headline we all wanted to see. But alas, apparently Tom Ford is a pro.

He walked into this eyes wide open. He chose material that was close to his heart. Material that would coincidentally lend itself to the use of his proven skills: design, art direction, beauty.

He was also smart in that he chose a story that could be told in as few as possible locations. Lots of interiors that Tom Ford can fuss over and light and make perfect. And then perfect even more in post.

It’s funny how his film making naivete is revealed in the director commentary. He clearly misunderstood the cost of and appropriate use of post-production visual wizardry. Not that it stopped him.

He also nailed it with the casting in Colin Firth. Once he had him the film was 60% money. He was perfect for the role.

Tom Ford played to HIS strengths here. He’s no Mike Leigh. He’s no P.T. Anderson. Or even Wes Anderson.

But he clearly knows that. You know why?

Because Tom Ford is a pro.

2 responses to “TOM FORD IS A PRO

  1. You do know that I hate you. I have 46 movies in my Netflix cue. And you keep inserting ones at the top. First King of Comedy. Next the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Even worse I had to save it and watch it a few days later delaying Book of Eli (well that one is Adverve’s fault w/Harry Webber). But state of grace is right after. I am sorry but I am not bumping Tats Cru: the Mural Kings. But I now have to add Single Man.

    Your killing my cue Vinny. Your killing my cue!

    BTW That line was stolen from the wonder years 2016 edition =P

    yes Tom is a pro. He is too good looking and he is good at what he does. There is an underbelly. It will come out. Bet he kills baby rabbits for fun or something =)

  2. The book of Eli! i worked with the Hughes Brothers years ago! superstars.

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