When you think about it, the invention of the moving and talking image is pretty kickass, as Jean Cocteau once said.

It allows you to capture LIFE, or your vision of it, and present it to the world. It’s magical.

If you’ve never shot anything before, here’s how it goes.

You rack your brain and sweat to find a story worth filming. Not easy.

You then sell this vision to someone. Not easy.

And then you rack your brain and sweat some more as you shoot it. Film is expensive to shoot. You only get one shot at it. So you better get it right. Not easy.

It’s a bitch, frankly. Every time.

But for all the hype about the internet and how the :30 spot is dead – and I seriously entertained that idea about six years ago – it turns out that film is winning.

It turns out nobody really wants to visit your website. They want to see an entertaining film. Have you got one of those?

The great thing about film/video is that it’s part of our collective experience. We all watch it for entertainment so we all have opinions on it. We’re all experts on what constitutes a great film. And so we are all programmed to receive more. That’s the key.

And as the internet shrinks and shrinks, it turns out that interesting video is the currency. It’s effortless!

What this means for advertising is that the ability to tell a compelling story is still king.

Some people think The Escape Pod is a “digital” agency. And I’m fine with that.

Hey, we frequently use “digital” cameras. Winking smiley face made of punctuation.

5 responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…FILM!

  1. 97% of all video is watched on TV/Cable. That doesn’t count movies/movie rentals. And nothing beats the 30 sec spot if you get people to watch it and has the right combo of message and product. Obviously a 30 sec telling people they will feel like they are driving a Porshe 911 Turbo while sputtering around in the Ford Focus doesn’t work.

  2. My first semester at college I took a screenwriting class. The first thing the professor said, after explaining to us that if crude language was a problem we should shove off, was, “Film is the most difficult, frustrating, and expensive art-form that exists. But it’s just so fucking cool so we do it anyway.”

    I agree with him, and you, that film is tough. But it tells a story like no other medium can.

  3. This is why it’s so damn funny when digital people point to the Old Spice work as proof that digital is winning. Last I checked it’s film that – yes – you can watch on a computer. But it sure wasn’t created by a bunch of programmers.

  4. Really the argument between TV and web makes no sense. In the end the web just becomes another way to deliver film. Same art form, different platform.

  5. dan, the funny thing was that the TV vs Web thing existed only in the heads of ad people.

    jeff, i have shot hundreds of commercials, short films, prank films. and it’s the same struggle every time. experience only gets you so much. but that’s the fun part. you can never relax!

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