My old art director partner turned film director, Justin Reardon, just signed with Station Films, an excellent newish prodco headed by the legendary Steve Orent. Steve was a co-founder of Hungryman films. He was the exec producer. He has a great lineup of talent.

Justin is a pro. He lives and breathes film and art. Always has. He is truly a creative person. He has an identifiable flavor. He is not afraid. He is great fun to be with. You will come away a better person for having worked with Justin. You’ll learn something. He is a film maker, not a film user.

I remember years ago asking Justin how he wanted to die. He replied that he wanted to die swinging from from a rope while shooting a machine gun.

That sums him up.

This is a great example of what Justin can do. he wrote and directed and everything-ed else this legendary viral. He shot this for his beginner reel. i remember when he told me the idea i was supportive but mystified. it sounded terrible but Justin’s vision and executional prowess made it…GRRREAT!

5 responses to “WORK WITH THIS GUY

  1. Those must be pot or hash granola bars. LOL

  2. yes howie, they were full of whatever you needed! that was the genius of the idea.

  3. Love that ad <3

  4. That ad is in my top 3. I never knew who did it. Now I do. Thanks for that.

  5. stan. glad to be of help. that ad was justin all the way. he has a unique sense of humor. it can be scary!

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