Elton John is a pro

i just watched the doc shot by Elton’s boyfriend David Furnish back in the 90s. it’s called Tantrums and Tiaras.

The one thing that comes shining through is that Elton is, without a doubt, a pro.

The doc was shot when Elton was 25 years into a hugely successful career. He was five years into his sobriety. He had recently met his (it turns out) life partner, former Canadian ad guy David Furnish who shot this. Perhaps time to start taking it a bit easy Elton? Apparently no.

Elton is clearly a driven man. Elton CARES A LOT. It’s funny to see him expertly analyzing the chart performance of his latest single. He’s as obsessed about this one as he was about his first. Elton clearly aims for the bullseye every time. And he’s a bit heartbroken when he doesn’t hit it every time.

That’s because Elton is a pro. He cheerily does all the stupid interviews to promote his latest record because he understands he’s in business. And the record company are doing their side of the contract. So he does his without complaint.

There’s a great bit in the doc near the end that is sheer pro.

Elton is playing to 100K crowd in sweltering south america. It’s hot. he’s in the middle of “Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting”, he suddenly dashes off stage to the surprise of everyone. Elton is f**ked! he’s visibly in pain. his percussionist – and fellow pro – Ray Cooper, without missing a beat, starts into a crowd-distracting showboating solo. it works.

Elton is a pro. He somehow summons the energy to bounce back onto stage wrapped in the Uruguayan flag smiling. And launches right into the equally athletic “Pinball Wizard”.

A graphic illustration of what it means to be a pro. God i hope i’m considered to be a pro. What greater compliment could there be?

7 responses to “Elton John is a pro

  1. I never had an issue with Elton until he took severe offense at an MTV music awards at Sam Kinison for parodying one of his songs. But he has mellowed and gotten much more laid back as he got older and seems to have lost some of his over the top vanity. And kudos to him for it.

    And yes he is a Pro. 100% Vinny.

  2. Howie, i think that was when he was still doing coke and booze 24/7. he does have a temper.

  3. voroan, i’ve never read anything of his (too lazy/stupid) but he seems hardcore. i will check him out.

  4. Hey he can’t be that vane the biggest crowd reaction was for a Who Song. Axel Rose wouldn’t allow anyone into his GNR arena shows in Australia earlier this year if they were wearing a Slash t-shirt. Now that is vanity (and stupidity).

    Sad thing about music (maybe its sad) is almost every band/artist that made epic music when they were strung out on drugs and booze never quite were as good after they sobered up.

  5. He is a hardcore pro, which is what that whole book-length interview is about. He’s open about the struggle between his ego and his work. Very interesting. He did also write Infinite Jest, which as one would guess, is hilarious, and with just a little bit of work at the beginning, totally worth it. Don’t let snobby people sour the funny!

  6. howie, i think elton sang that on the original TOMMY movie or whatever they did. and, geek alert, The Who covered “saturday night’s alright” on the amazing Elton/Bernie tribute album two rooms. it was a Who song all along!!!

    voroan, i feel slack for having not read that now. i’ve heard of it and him. much like i avoided confederacy of dunces for too long and regretted that too. i’m in!

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