Our new found love of Twitter

With our Tabitha video surging towards 400K views on YouTube we at The Escape Pod are discovering new and hitherto unknown uses for Twitter for advertising purposes.

It has been a real learning experience.

Twits are the worker bees of the internet. Facebook is a retirement home by comparison. People who don’t tweet will frequently scratch their chins and say something like “Why would i want to know what you had for breakfast?”. I recall people saying the EXACT same thing about blogging 8 years ago. Here’s the deal grandpa, rock and roll is here to stay! People who tweet have something to say. And it is cathartic and entertaining to get it off your chest. Try it. You might like it. it really is micro-blogging.

Searching twitter is a lot more interesting than searching FB or google. Twitter is the unedited id of the internet. the real juice is on twitter.

Twitter is where an increasing number of people get their news. if it’s not on twitter it doesn’t really matter. I know this might sound strange but it’s a behavior i increasingly find myself doing.

Twitter is energy. All the online volunteer worker bees together create this throbbing mass of humanity online. It’s fun and useful and it’s genuine. You are naked on twitter. No anonymous trolling. It’s work. but fun work.

13 responses to “Our new found love of Twitter

  1. Awesome post!

    “Twitter is the unedited id of the internet.”

    I am going to have to steal this description when I explain twitter to friends.

    For me twitter has also been a great place to learn about everything. I’m an info junkie and peering into another person’s thoughts was not something I wanted to pass up. I may not be able to go see Dave Trott lecture but I can learn from his insights on twitter (and his blog).

    Twitter brings intimate information closer to everyone, and I think that’s a good thing.

    – Jeff

  2. beverly parker

    There was definitely a high level of energy that was apart of this project. It started with my first e-mail right to the final shoot. The short period of time led to the intensity. It gave the final explosion of laughter at the final reveal. I watched an Animal House special this weekend. One of the main points of that transformational youth film was high energy and short shooting time. Landis kept his set at a high level of energy and surprise to get his final product. This is exactly what happen at Pannikin with Tim. Congratualations the Energy translated to the Crunch is calling campaign

  3. i saw that special beverly. that cast was the island of misfit toys. i’ve found that the energy of the shoot always shows up on film. free-flowing fun energy is the best atmosphere on set. or coffee shop. ;-)

  4. beverly parker

    It really reminded me of what your getting done with the Wheat Thin Campaign… Lots of Energy and Laughter. Have you thought of some sort of info package to give to the people who are peripheral in the prank??? There were a lot of onlookers at Pannikin who would be passing the message to their friends on FB and Twitter. I know just our family is about 1000 people on our links.

  5. glad you liked it jeff. social media was also how i connected with Dave Trott. learned a lot from him. he’s the man!

  6. I love your post. I originally signed up last summer to prove advertising in the feed is a lost cause due to volume of the feed. Well it kind of is. But it turned into this amazing professional networking tool. And I now have friends in the industry all over the world whom though I haven’t met…yet…and now I have my own posse or crew kind of. I have discovered amazing thoughtful people I align with.

    While on a good day maybe 20mil people world wide are on the network..they tend to be mostly the best and brightest. I am often in awe!

  7. same here howie. i know we’ll get on great when we finally meet. and we will!

  8. beverly parker

    One question I had about Twitter is the demographics of those who use this communication. I’m noticing that with my small group of FB friends that the Twitter brigade are the more upscale and hip group. My under 35 FB friends include musicians, photographers, heads of mega organizations, corporate types, national speakers and hip moms… It appears that it is the people who would be cutting edge not matter what. Is Twitter used in the hispanic, Korean, Japanese or other diverse communities as much as it is in the White European Community? Would that limit your selection and reaching a diversity of communities?

  9. beverly parker

    Tim’s prank has hit the international scene. His cousin is teaching English in South Korea. She poudly showed Tim’s Wheat Thin prank to her classes. They didn’t quite understand, but they applauded and wanted Tim’s autograph. You are reaching around the world!!!!!

  10. Naked trolling though, let’s not underestimate that just yet.

  11. I’m also a big fan of twitter. It’s how I came across things like this


    which made me laugh out loud at work, and left me smiling all the way home.

    Oh yeah, and it’s useful for work related stuff too.

  12. I’m a big fan of twitter too. It’s where you find stuff like this
    which made me laugh out loud at work, and smile all the way home.
    Oh yeah, and it’s good for work related stuff too.

  13. You prankster you. By the way I’m still out of Guinness!

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