always heartening to read the unedited feelings of the masses towards one’s work. back in the day we were happily insulated from the reactions of consumers to our TV spots. when i worked on beer i used to sit in sports bars to gauge reaction to my TV spots. no more!

the youtube peanut gallery takes care of that. i looooove reading the comments on youtube. it’s like hearing all the people shouting at the TV as they watch your spot. it’s initially a bit chilling but once you develop a thick skin for it, it becomes hilarious.

check this out to read some of the comments to our funky new work for client Wheat Thins. it’s a mob scene.

And search “wheat thins” on twitter to see the reaction we’re getting there. again, beyond our control but kind of what we’d hoped would happen.

and here’s some kind words about the campaign from The New York Times’ ad columnist Stuart Elliott.

social media. it just needs a good spanking and it behaves exactly as you’d like it to! winking smiley face made of punctuation.

4 responses to “LAME! FAKE! GAY! FIRST!

  1. true.

    I don’t understand how people “steal” ideas from clips.
    there are so many great ideas in comments sector: insights, concepts, even slogans.

  2. i know riki. me either. stealing ideas would be a lot more work (and a lot less fun) than coming up with new ones. or as you say, mining popular sentiments.

    and it’s truly rare and random that an existing piece of film is bang on for a brand. and i speak from experience here ;-)

  3. You truly are the King of Social now Vinny. Some of the You Tube comments are hilarious. But seriously if you let this all get to your head I am dragging you outside, forcing you to drive a 1981 Gremlin and reducing you to Natural Light beer to get your center back.

    Well Done and Well Deserved I must say!

  4. let it go to my head howie? never. i’m off now to be fitted for an ermine robe. TTFN!

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