More new work for Wheat Thins.

OK, this one felt too good to be true. One of the tweets we tracked was by written by a certain BJORN_TUROQUE. Bjorn turned out to be a very charming dude living in the bohemian Silverlake part of LA. Bjorn (real name Dan) is an actual air guitar champion among other things. In fact that the song that plays in the spot was something he wrote for the documentary of the same name: AIR GUITAR NATION. Dan is clearly a unique individual. We got lucky here.

We also got lucky in that his beautiful Scottish girlfriend was treacherous enough to set him up for this. Thank you!

As you can probably tell we all got a bit carried away here. Dan was such a rock star we couldn’t help ourselves. Fun was had. I love this job!

14 responses to “More new work for Wheat Thins.

  1. You misspelled using on the commemorative box.
    Spelled: useing. Duh.

  2. Never mind. Monday morning mind tricks. Cool spot. Would have loved to have seen the beautiful Scottish girlfriend, tho.

  3. ha. no worries rob. btw i was fully prepared to swear up and down that Dan had spelled it that way in his original tweet and we were merely being faithful to his tweet. then i saw your second post with great relief. what a bullshitter i am!

    incidentally dan’s scottish girlfriend was in an earlier cut. great girl. would have been lost without her!

  4. I know you don’t mind but still: you beat Titanium for miles with this idea.

    love the stuff.

  5. beverly parker

    Your serendipitous selections are supremely silly and great for Wheat Thin Nation. Might I say…
    it Rocks

  6. beverly parker

    the costuming and color design is to die for.

  7. thanks riki. i wouldn’t mind some titanium to round out the collection. ;-)

    beverly. dan normally wears the robe apparently. he’s just a cool cat.

  8. beverly parker

    I’d love to see the air guitar and head phone theme together. Both guys are quirky, talented and totally relatable to their peers.

  9. I love Silver Lake-Los Feliz. I dated a girl who lived on Silver Lake Blvd for half a year. So many great bars and restaurants. One of the best Mexican places in LA is by the Vista Theater called El Chavo. Cash only great Margs!

    Awesome spot!

  10. that was my first visit to silverlake howie. very nice. felt like a different country in a way. glad you liked it. it was a fun shoot.

  11. Bjorn approves! Awesome spot. I had the US Air Guitar guys re-post it on the site. And love that Whisky (the dog) got in it too! She’s very proud.

  12. Glad you like Dan. And thanks for putting on the air guitar site. How could we leave Whisky out of the cut?

  13. Is this going to “air” on the big(ger) screen, ie, television? Also, any chance I can get a DVD at some point?

  14. yes dan, there is also a :30 version for the big screen. i’m sure we can get you a dvd of both versions.

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