We couldn’t be more excited about our new work

We recently shot a campaign that is an interesting use of media. It was a lot of fun to shoot. Use and abuse of the media is something we pride ourselves on here at The Escape Pod. Two of the partners are media guys by trade. And i used to work in media. albeit briefly. selling airtime on the UK’s commercial TV network. But long enough so i “get” it. I love the media. I love attracting an audience. not everyone does. I do. I think i would make a good movie producer. i want hits!

The idea we just shot and edited in record time has an element of pranking to it. Something we have done a lot of since 2005. I don’t know why but it just feels right for the times we’re in. Undeniable surprise is a great thing to watch. And doing pranks never gets old. it’s a technique not an idea.

This new work is not a hidden camera stunt you’ll be glad to hear. It’s an overt camera stunt! And it involves social media too. it was one of those ideas that seemed so blindingly obvious and good. always a good sign.

And it’s for a major American snack. and it is for a brand that is arguably The Unit of American Snacking!

All will be revealed in the next few days.

(yeah, that’s me looking oh so cool. i usually wear a yellow t-shirt btw. no i don’t )

7 responses to “We couldn’t be more excited about our new work

  1. beverly parker

    Pranking at Pannikin’s was Paramount to the Parker Panaroma of Prestigous Famly Pheomena.

  2. Should’ve went for the A-Team van Vinny ;]

  3. The prank at pannikins was precipitated by a parker pranker without whom we would have been in perilously deep poo. thanks for all your help. tim’s prank is nicely demented. very funny.

    and vik, much thought went into the van. we went for a comedic look. the van died at the end of the last day of shooting.

  4. beverly parker

    Parker Parent Picked Pannikin Prank for Chicago Chicanery so they could Escape the Midwest Pod.

  5. This about pretzels?! Pumpernickel Pretzels? or Peanut Butter Pretzels?

  6. beverly parker

    plethora of pickles?

  7. all will be revealed tomorrow howie!

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