This ad works

Braveheart meets NASCAR via George Washington for Dodge Charger. This one got a HUUUGE reaction in the pub during the USA-ENGLAND game, the perfect place to run it. Wonder if it was conceived with that in mind. Either way it went down a treat in the LA sports bar i was in. Well done Wieden.

8 responses to “This ad works

  1. Ciaran McCabe


    Absolutely right! It’s the kind of over-the-top, yet effective, stuff that the US can do better than anyone else (or maybe it’s just Wieden).

  2. this. is. great!

  3. As an Adman I love this.
    As an Englishman I hate this.

    Well done Wiedens…y’bastards.

  4. Seems about right. The late 1700s was about the last time we “got cars right”.

  5. Sure Detroit kick’s the crap out of those famed British auto makers, but I am guessing there won’t be any follow-up spots featuring footage of our military battles with Germany, Japan or Korea.

  6. Haha MJ, true. I was wondering about that myself. “When did the Americans ever get cars right? Wasn’t the Beetle the most successful car?”

  7. Great spot Vinny! All car companies forget that we don’t want ugly cars. We buy cheap ugly because we have no money. But when all else is equal we will buy the better looking car. Detroit mostly has made fugly cars for 30 years. With some exceptions in the last 10 years.

    To sum this up perfectly when the new CEO of Ford came on board he asked where is the Taurus in the line up. The response was ‘the last one looked like a football so we dropped it’.

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