We just got us a CUBEGRENADE from Hugh McLeod

We recently commissioned legendary blogger/artist/thinker Hugh McLeod to create a piece of art that accurately sums up what we at The Escape Pod strive to achieve: adding actual value to the brands that we represent.

We love it. It’s amazing hugh. thanks.

I really think Hugh is onto something with his cubegrenade idea as an agent of cultural change/improvement. i know he is. i remember back when i worked for Omnicorp, I and several other people would post his cartoons on our doors or walls. where someone could see them. it was a declaration that you weren’t a Dilbert. Hugh is the anti-Dilbert in many ways.

Hugh’s work has real and palpable energy. It’s challenging.

But here’s why it REALLY works. most people’s office walls are drab and lacking art. if you give them a nice piece of art that hits a nerve with them, and it’s in a frame, they will put it on their wall. and hugh’s work is great corporate art. it can affect change in your culture.

just tell hugh the effect you’re trying to achieve and he will hit the perfect note.

One response to “We just got us a CUBEGRENADE from Hugh McLeod

  1. Doesn’t he know your a rabbit? ;-)

    That is awesome btw.

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