The glamourous world of commercial casting!

got this from RANT. hilarious. just watch it.

random war stories from years of casting:

1. Robert Redford’s daughter came to a casting.
2. I used to bring in American soap opera stars to all my beer castings. i just wanted to meet them and give them a shot. why not.
3. I have also shamelessly brought in a female TV star just to meet her. i loved the show!
4. casting for dancers is the most fun ever.
5. stage actors can turn it on. they are finely tuned instruments. like standup comics.
6. all you have is your gut. define the role tightly. know exactly what you’re looking for.
7. only use the best casting agents. they are your primary filter. the casting is only as good as they are.
8. I once did a budweiser ad set in the LA movie scene. in it we had an actual hollywood producer playing a hollywood producer. he produced Robert Altman’s THE PLAYER, where he also had a cameo playing a hollywood producer.
9. casting beautiful women is no more fun than casting joe schmoes. you have to get the right one. it’s work.
10. stars are aptly named. they radiate energy. it’s very obvious.
11. be gentle with actors. they can be sensitive souls with big dreams and thin skins who have to deal with rejection a lot!

5 responses to “The glamourous world of commercial casting!

  1. Wow. Is that Cantona’s dad?! Fish theme abound.
    “When the seagulls follow the trawler it’s because they think Sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

  2. I heard casting was easy peasy. I only say that because I needed a reason to type easy peasy.

  3. agree. even the most brilliant script cannot be saved from a bad casting.
    but you’re american. there 300 mill’s. and another few hundred that speak your language.

    imagine having a cast in the country of just few million people.
    now that’s a freaking challenge.
    best thing you can do is write scripts with no speaking parts or at least with narrator.
    nightmare I tell you.

  4. “there’re 300 mill’s americans. and another few hundred mill’s…”

    that was suppose to be up there.

  5. yes we do have a larger talent pool to draw on. and technology is making casting dramatically easier/faster. but it’s still a monumental ulcer-giving pain.

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