Crispin Porter and Bogusky’s new work for KRAFT mac and cheese

here it is. i think it’s brilliant. mac and cheese is primarily about kids but adults love it too. it’s a unifying food, if i may. and this spot is shot so well. the kid’s performance is great. i wanted to punch that mac and cheese stealing dad!

11 responses to “Crispin Porter and Bogusky’s new work for KRAFT mac and cheese

  1. Sweet ad. The only gripe I have with it is the standard packshot at the end. Even if it definitely had to be in it just doesn’t go so well with the rest of the ad. DOP was slacking off there I guess.

  2. My mom made it for dinner a few weeks back. The standard flavor has 370 cal in 1 serving (normally we serve more than one serving) and is high in fat. So basically if your kid has 1.5 ounces they are eating a Big Mac in terms of calories. And we wonder why we have obesity problems in the US. Actually its because instead of going outside to play after eating 1000 calorie meals they go play PS3.

    That being said I do love the stuff and its a great commercial. Today I will be going to the store. I am going to see what other flavors and brands are much less fat/calorie intense and I will report back.

  3. Correction I think the serving size is 1/2 cup or a cup. When are we going metric here Vinny? Sheesh.

  4. Agree. In classic Crispin fashion, it hits a tension (dad wielding authority to steal the mac n cheese). Throw in a bit of nostalgia for the adults (mom’s mac n cheese, mmmm…). And I’ll be damned, I want a bowl of mac n cheese before 9am.

  5. This is charming in its own way, but still fairly standard stuff no? Whereas this…is awesome.

  6. phil, i believe the voiceover on that 3D thing was none other than Mighty Boosh’s Rich Fulcher – a Chicagoan and friend of The Escape Pod. and coincidentally who I am going to see live in LA tomorrow night! small world.

    obviously this isn’t creative fireworks. and it shouldn’t be. kraft mac and cheese occupies a special place bang in the middle of US culture. i think this is smart work and a huge improvement over what went before it.

  7. vik, i know what you mean. is it really necessary? probably not. but food marketers looove them some yummy product shot.

    howie, it’s a bit like blaming McDonalds for America’s obesity problem. my kids love mac and cheese but they also dance and play lacrosse and lead very active lives. my wife’s influence i hasten to add.

  8. phil, you work for chemistry. love your guys’ work. you guys seriously created those Sarkozy letters? brilliant. and i love that Mad Men thing. you’re Ireland’s answer to HHCL. strong stuff.

  9. great ad, but “you know you love it”? i don’t know if that’s a CP+B line or if it came with the brand, but i’ve had enough of brands that i know i love or that make me happy or whatever. esp since kraft, however great, can’t fight “i’m lovin’ it”.

  10. Thanks Vinny. That means a lot. We were dead chuffed with the Sarkozy Letters. Re: Rich Fulcher – what was he like? Love him on the Mighty Boosh.

  11. it was dave trott that sent the sarkozy thing to me Phil. it went ALL over. genius.


    i am happy to tell you that Rich Fulcher was richalicious. a smart nice gentle guy. it was a great gig. Har mar superstar was also on the bill. wasn’t expecting that! wow. chatted with him too at post gig party. mindblowing alt comedy royalty assemblage. i just shut up and laughed.

    Arafat, great name to come through US immigration with i’d imagine! Like being an irish guy named Seamus O’Terrorist. thanks for commenting. I actually worked on the worldwide pitch for “I’m lovin’ it”. didn’t come up with it but was around it. torturous process. and mcdonalds has howitzered that phrase into everyone’s consciousness. it was kind of true for Mcds. but that doesn’t mean they own “love” and “food”. no one food can “own” that territory. esp in USA. they love all foods here. ;-)

    And it’s actually more true for mac and cheese in this culture. in fact mac and cheese is easily america’s favorite food. love is the only word here.

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