The Nike World Cup TV spot

it cost a fortune. it’s causing a stir. soccer fans will love it. and it stole the thunder from Adidas, who are the official sponsor of the tournament. And it proves yet again that film is the still the best way to get an emotional reaction.

i can remember in the mid 90s when Nike were first entering the soccer market. the conventional wisdom was that soccer was a European sport where tradition was paramount etc So Nike could never be a big player in the category. Well guess what happened?

And then Nike went on to conquer golf, another sport where they never stood a chance for tons of reasons…tradition…genteel game…not brash American.

I’m guessing this cost at least $5 million to produce. And well done the person who got the Simpsons on board. Ronal-doh!

9 responses to “The Nike World Cup TV spot

  1. Love it! gets me in the mood. Let the games begin.

  2. Its a great spot. And I think if American’s watched soccer…and it looked like that…they would watch it more than Football.

    As for the ad if broken into 6 -30 sec spots will it overcome the fact that during the games which have minimal time outs people watching are going to see Addidas non-stop everywhere inside the stadiums? Its not like other sports where they can get their spots shown often during game time. I bet it has a bigger impact on YouTube than during the games…but time will tell.

    What Nike does have is deep pockets and star power. Question is the markets they are aiming at which is EU, South America, and Africa, can the over come years of bias against America for having a bias against soccer.

    Even worse that Rooney play? Not only unbelievable to real soccer fans since he is a forward coming back on defense to make the play…I was a NY State licensed Ref for a few years and I would of called the foul and penalty kick! HA!

    BTW was the the Vandals song they grabbed for the spot? And $5 mil? I bet just on the stars in it never mind production costs.

  3. I love this spot.

    it has insight that Adidas lacks (I presume you’re talking about “moving goal” spot from Adidas). Adidas’ reminds mo 80’s Coca-Cola spots – “let’s bring the world together”, “everybody is happy”, white, shiny teeth all around etc.
    Nike’s got truth to it, not fairy tale. it makes it stronger.

    but I don’t like the music. something’s just not right about it.

  4. howie, i’d say nike proved that they can overcome irrational bias by having great product and kickass marketing. ten year old boys don’t give a shit about tradition.

  5. i liked it too riki. this is tougher to do than it looks. it kind of has to be broadly appealing in concept. and the world cup, like the olympics, is cliche-ridden as hell. “Nigerian boy adjusting rickety antenna so entire village can watch game? check!”
    my favorite bit was the WAYNE baby name wristbands.

  6. Art & Copy had a great segment on Michael Jordan bringing it was either 3.2 or 5.2bilion. And then showcased one of their brilliant spots from 1999. Nike is a great marketer and they spend. It must be nice to have a client that is willing to spend money to make money. Too often they are penny pinchers then complain about the results. B2B and B2C.

  7. Howie, Rooney’s brilliance comes from the fact he plays all over the field, not just as a genius striker but also as a part-time defender (when Vidic or Ferdinand mess up).

    That’s what makes him a tour de force.

  8. howie, i worked on sucky Reebok for a while. i TRULY appreciate what Nike has done. nike and wieden have the perfect symbiotic relationship.

    guy. have to say. wayne rooney totally looks like an irish gypsy. maybe it’s just me. don’t think so though!

  9. Vinnie, he is a Scouser – aren’t there a lot of Irish in Liverpool? There may still be a link, yet.

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