The Escape Pod seeks a creative intern

We’re really busy and we need someone who desperately wants to kick some ass creatively speaking. If you know someone please comment below. thanks.

6 responses to “The Escape Pod seeks a creative intern

  1. Vinny

    Is this for Chicago I assume?

    I have a friend who is graduating Baylor and headed to grad school and knows a lot of smart people including outside of Texas. He almost scored me an NYU intern but she wanted to get with a big agency vs a start up. I sent him an inquiry for ya. My only other potential sources would be NYC or LA sadly.

  2. “I”ll be your dog”.

  3. I would love to be considered for this creative ass kicking internship of awesomeness if you’re looking for a person hungry to start building an amazing second book to launch a career with.

  4. brad! you sound perfect. swing by this friday lunchtime. 759 North Orleans (and Chicago ave)

  5. Sorry brad. that’s 750 North Orleans! 750. Suite 403. fourth floor. take the elevator at the back of the building.

  6. I guess the job is too orangey for crows?
    Ok what about?

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