Banksy and us

Apparently art prankster Banksy was in Chicago last week, drumming up buzz for the documentary “EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP”. While here he did a piece of art on a wall of an Indian restaurant. We got wind of it yesterday and went over for a look. It’s kickass. We then had lunch in the Indian restaurant. That was also kickass.

9 responses to “Banksy and us

  1. What are you doing Vinny? SAVE THE BABY!!!

  2. relax. Allan saved the baby.

  3. Good man.

  4. Vinny, this book might be worth getting if you’re ever visiting London and have a spare few days:

    There’s a cool Banksy piece by my local library. Mickey in the corner sums it up nicely:

  5. guy, thanks for that. i’d love a tour of banksy. that’s his real genius, turning the whole world into his personal museum.

  6. Yeah, I remember seeing that Banksy for the first time a few days after I moved from Newcastle to London and just telling all my mates about it.

    His use of location to enhance the idea behind the piece is just another reason why he’s so good. This one was done on the side of a privately owned, local pharmacy:

  7. my neighbor for many years in LA was a very well known Street Artist and I helped him do a few projects. He still has a 275lb concrete Tiki Head in Venice Beach that is now part of the Graffiti Walls forever. he hooked me up with some people in NYC and I normally do art crawls in different cities taking pictures of the art. For a few years the artists shared everything on Flickr.

    One reason I love Advertising is my social life has always been art and music. Things frowned upon by Engineers working on Missile Programs for the DoD. ;-)

    So I was impressed with your pics Vinny. My next trip down to NYC I will go see the new Fairy wall on Houston. When I move down later this year I hope to live either lower east side or Williamsburg.

    I have a lot of LA and NY Street Art, and some great Burningman Art from 2006 here:

  8. thanks for the link howie. i love street art too. it’s all expression. and street artists have to try that little bit harder to do what they do. if you’re moving to NYC i’d opt for the LES. brooklyn is overrun with wannabe hipsters from Ohio. just like the LES used to be when i lived in NYC. fuck it. go to bensonhurst. or bed stuy! be a pioneer.

  9. I still reckon that’s Bono.

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