Daily Archives: April 25, 2010

Harry Potter the musical

It’s already here. a bunch of fanboys and fangals in university in Michigan have written and produced it.

It’s a huge hit amongst the HP nerderati, of which my oldest daughter is in no way a member. So it WASN’T from her then that i learned of the existence of this.

She also didn’t tell me that Warner Bros made them change the name from “Harry Potter: the musical!” to “A very Harry Potter Musical”. As i understand it, Warner Bros banned it from youtube for a while and have forbade the creators of the show from making a penny from it.

Now i shall resist launching into a very 1999 rant about how content wants to be free. It doesn’t. Content can’t feel. And i sincerely hope that Warner Bros. has already secretly paid these kids a chunk of change for the rights to this. and are planning on staging it on broadway and shooting a movie of it. lord knows there are plenty of smart people at Warner Bros. And this one is staring them in the face. it’s already a hit!

they kind of have to. you know why? today i heard my daughter singing the songs from the youtube musical to herself. harry potter the musical has been done whether they realize it or not.