Editing, editing, editing

At the end of the day it’s all about editing, isnt’ it.

I’m editing some spots at the moment. I have to say, in all immodesty, that i have always been pretty good at editing. because editing is true storytelling. the best part of filmmaking! and i love that bit.

There’s a old movie expression: in film you write something three times. you write when you write it. you write it when you shoot it. and you write it when you edit it.

It’s probably the single most important lesson of film-making. I have written, shot and helped edit hundreds of ads/videos etc at this stage of my career. things change between your original idea and the finished product. they should change.

some things that are great on paper are lousy on film. paper isn’t film. paper is words. film is action.

The other biggest truth about shooting film is that it never gets any easier. It’s a struggle every time. there are plenty of opportunities to royally f**k it up. Wrong casting? You are screwed my friend.

The more I have shot the more i truly realize the importance of the edit and what it can add to the filmmaking process. it’s where the magic happens. or not.

I have been lucky enough to work with some great editors. I once worked with an Oscar-winning editor (editrix?) from Peckham. She was a wizard. She could create things that we never even shot.

Editing. It’s where it’s at!

2 responses to “Editing, editing, editing

  1. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    In college I had 2 roommates. One was a film major. He was a prick. My other roommate would agree. 1991 so still 8mm. He took over one of our 2 living rooms with his editing for one of his movies. He had like 200 clips of film spread out…hours of work…but instead of attaching the little notes for each segment..he just left the notes sitting on top. It was spring. We all went out for afternoon drinks. And this roommate as always started shit that grated on us. We get back to the house…he opens the door….Whoosh spring wind hits and enters the house. It turned the middle room into one big lottery machine… 200 film clips 200 notes all up in the air. While I was smug with the kharma thing I watched him spend a week fixing everything and thus my respect for film editing was born.

    I have seen your work. Your good.

  2. ha! the poor dude.

    yes editing has gotten sooo much easier on the computer. but still a matter of skill and judgement. it’s writing. not editing.

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