This didn’t win a single ad award

it was a branded content TV show we did with client OfficeMax. Easily the toughest execution i have ever done.

Have you ever filled 40 minutes of content? I hadn’t either until this. It’s scary.

Here is a 15 minute cut down from the original 40 minute TV show that aired on the CW network.

We got real lucky here in terms of everything coming together.

Here was the funny part. It scored zero awards. We couldn’t even enter it into the local Chicago awards show because they didn’t have a branded content category.

My sneaking feeling is that it didn’t win any awards because none of the judges were in any position to judge anything longer than sixty seconds.

I loved it. Watch for the Italian girl in the pink hoodie who crosses herself in sheer terror. My favorite bit.

8 responses to “This didn’t win a single ad award

  1. Vinny: That is outrageously good – awesome – no other word. Fuck ad awards – you should have got an Emmy.

  2. Thanks Simon. glad you liked it. a little bit of executional magic happened there.

    i should point out that this isn’t sour grapes. Lord knows I’ve won more than my share of awards. I have no complaints there.

    I just thought it was interesting that THIS of all things got nothing. Which in itself is kind of an anti-award. A badge of honor.

  3. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    I agree great work. This was very charming and funny. Really funny. Really clever.

    Ad Awards are over rated. The Ad Industry gives them out like Free Clinics give out free Condoms. I mean the Ad/Marketing/Media Awards is an industry unto itself since there are like 20-30 it seems of all shapes and sizes.

  4. thanks howie. yes awards are overrated. but i felt this one deserved a few. it was just good viewing. great director and editors. great cast of kids. school principal was a star. he actually got his own reality show based on this!

    i bet nobody watched the whole show at the awards shows.

  5. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Do you have a link to the whole show? And while it is award worthy remember the important thing is that your Escape Pod Fans and your client digs it. ;-)

  6. Vinny…
    seriously, this abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.
    loved it from first sec.
    laughed my pants off as well.

  7. glad you liked it riki. thanks.

    it was nerve-racking in the extreme to shoot this. it was more like a heist than a shoot. we all got plastered in the restaurant next to the venue immediately afterwards.

  8. hell yeah! isn’t it a great feeling?

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