Tone deaf Tiger Woods Nike ad

Tiger is the one who f**ked up here. His WIFE and children are the victims here. Not Tiger. Huge fail. And how tacky is resurrecting his dead dad to prop up his philandering son? Answer: very.

Here’s my better Tiger Nike idea. Sixty seconds of Tiger hitting balls. ball after ball. after ball. shot from slightly afar at an awkward angle so you have kind of strain to see who it is. natural sound. birds cheeping. no music. nike swoosh flickers briefly at very end.

Too late! Oy.

UPDATE: This has already appeared online.

7 responses to “Tone deaf Tiger Woods Nike ad

  1. I like your idea Vinny. That would really get people thinking. I think the Nike ad is tacky but they are sure getting a lot of mileage out of it. What sticks out for me: Nike stuck with him. I like them for that.

  2. sean, i too like that Nike stuck by him, but let’s face it they were in too deep to abandon him. and in a year he’ll be back to being Tiger again. i just think a more golf-centric and quiet execution would have been more appropriate. no dead dads!

  3. Bang on Vinny. Why the hell they continue to try and renovate the man as opposed to celebrate the golf genius is beyond me. Tacky is the word.

  4. Problem is Nike has always been about sport and nothing else. Now they’ve latched onto something else – spectacle.

    As for the ad it’s rare I get absolutely no emotion out of a Nike ad. And I don’t think I’d know that’s his dad speaking without the youtube title telling me.

  5. I like your ad Vinny.

  6. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    I agree. Vinny your ad is better. Nike needs to stick with Golf and not try to fix Tigers slut-skank rep. Just focus on golf Nike. Only problem is no matter what tag line for golf I come up with, there is an easy modification to make it a sex analogy. He made his money he doesn’t need endorsements anymore.

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