Ye are not worthy!

I found this buried under a flagstone in a church founded by the Knights Templar in Ireland.

It’s the campaign manifesto used by Wieden and Kennedy to win the Miller High Life business back in 1997. Which begat the legendary Live the High Life Man campaign, whose echoes can be heard to this day. Think Jeff Kling wrote it. Or was it Jim Riswold?

Feast yeer on eyes ‘pon it with relish ye unworthy knaves!

7 responses to “Ye are not worthy!

  1. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    I love beer branding. Its fun. But I never liked Miller, not any of the flavors. But somehow they let the HiLife die. This started around 1990 and they never got it back. There was a time when ‘Its Miller Time’ was said to mean beer drinking time no matter what the brand you were drinking. I would say it in high school after mowing the lawn and then popping open a Schmidts. I miss Schmidts!

  2. Wonderful. That’s the kind of stuff that just warms my heart.

  3. somebody gave this to me when I was working on I think the white sox pitch. great for motivation whenever you need it.

  4. I remember reading this brief at CPS. It almost made me want to become a planner. Almost.

  5. dan, justin it’s very educational and smart. but it’s important to remember that despite that piece of paper the actual ads themselves could still have been WOEFULLY bad in the wrong hands. it’s still all in the execution.

  6. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Did anyone see Jon Stewart last night interview his guest who was a captain of a somalia pirated ship? Jon said ‘when you got rescued do you think its miller time’.

    Of course Jon is a few years older than me (I’m 42) so I guess these great tag lines can live until the old people who remember are dead LOL

  7. No doubt. But finding that perfect insight/strategy is almost as much fun as writing and executing the ads. It’s half the battle.

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