Lo Fi Genius from Ireland

I was back home in Galway last week. A friend of mine turned me on to these guys. THE HARDY BUCKS. 100% west of Ireland goodness. And a great demonstration of the power of youtube. These guys are hilarious. Just brilliant. watch everything on their channel.

5 responses to “Lo Fi Genius from Ireland

  1. As good as The Conchords.

  2. i would say ten times better than the conchords john. and i love TFOTC. they are an affectation. brilliant. but a pose.

    this is pure culture. undiluted. mmm…..

  3. Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    So are they a TV series or Webisodes or Underground Comedy? How do I see more?

  4. they have a channel on youtube Howie. hardy bucks

  5. Most def funnier than the conchords. Just reminded of them to some degree… but without the songs obviously.

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