The end of the line

I write this blog post from my hometown of Galway, Ireland. A small fishing town perched on the Atlantic coast.

Coincidentally I watched the documentary THE END OF THE LINE on the plane on the way over here. It’s a shocking expose of the systematic plundering of the oceans over the last 50 years. We are rapidly running out of fish. Simple as that. It’s a statistical fact. The fish are gone.

Armchair climatologists can dispute whether or not the world is heating up all they want. But no-one can dispute the fact that the seas are perilously close to utter exhaustion. It’s estimated that by 2048 the seas will be filled with just algae and worms. It’s that urgent. That catastrophic.

This was brought home to me in graphic fashion the first day I came home. A childhood treat of mine was Findus cod fish fingers. Something I devoured with relish. So I asked my sister to have a meal of them waiting for me when I arrived in Galway. And I eagerly devoured them yet again. But something didn’t taste right. And so I examined the package. Turns out it’s not COD fish fingers anymore. Findus fish fingers are now made from Alaska Pollock, just like they are in the USA. And Alaskan Pollock are comparatively taste-free and just boring. They don’t taste nearly good. But they’re a white fish. Which explains why we are now fishing them to extinction too. We have been reduced to eating the memory of cod. Next up: the extinction of the Alaskan Pollock.

THERE ARE NO MORE ATLANTIC COD. They are gone. As in American passenger pigeon gone. Dodo gone. White Rhino gone. Gone. Extinct. The Atlantic cod is no more. It has ceased to be.

If you like eating fish I highly recommend that you see this documentary. If you have children I highly recommend that you see this documentary. It’s yet more undeniable proof that we are screwing up our planet.

How do we fix it? How do I get to enjoy cod fish fingers again? Mmm…cod. Guess I was part of the problem. Sorry cod!

6 responses to “The end of the line

  1. Makes me wonder what else we will run out of. Energy at some point for sure, like fossil fuels. Air at another point, because there will be no trees left. It will all come to a point where humanity will have to make a very hard decision. Either continue as we have been doing for the last 2000 years and face extinction or radically change our society and our way of living.

  2. I’m currently in Japan and for the past week Ive been thouroughly enjoying the culture, the sights…and the predominantely fish-based food. Does that make me the Anti-Christ?

    P.S: I saw a really interesting documentary on the plane over called “Food Inc.”, it’s worth a watch:

  3. i’m with you vik. hard choices need to be made real soon. for my kids’ sake.

    guy, see this documentary. and the one about the dolphin killing in japan. something COVE. the japanese better develop a love of raw chicken real soon. they are the biggest culprits.

  4. Make your peace with cod and cod will forgive you.

    BTW I’m a haddock man myself.

  5. Sorry to hear that your fish fingers of yore is now a load of pollocks.

    Funnily enough I had Fish fingers for the first time in donkey’s years on Good Friday and they were cod, well not just any old cod they were M&S cod.

    Hey didn’t Dave Allen use to finish his act with “Goodnight, thank you, and may your Cod go with you”?

  6. Howie aka LoveMusicHate

    Has anyone told the Sushi Chefs to prepare for life after Fish?

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