Did this a few years back, just found it on youtube

This was a rare case of the work that was presented in the pitch actually getting produced. I remember my partner and I came up with this idea over lunch. We’d been dragged in at the very last minute to help save the day. So we decamped to a Mexican restaurant for a think. I thought it was funny that the client sold those cheesy (but effective!) motivational posters like the one in the ad. So we made fun of them.

I remember we shot this on a ski mountain outside of LA in the spring. I thought the cast and crew would topple off the side of the mountain. David Kellogg directed. Editorial by Chrome LA. Stupidity by me and my partner. Think this got shortlisted at Cannes and everything.

5 responses to “Did this a few years back, just found it on youtube

  1. Love it.

  2. Great formula. Didn’t see it coming. How can I steal this?

  3. Kent: Good artists copy. Great artists steal. You’ll have to figure out the rest yourself :)

    Nice ad Vin, made me chuckle!

  4. the best part about the ad was that the African-American woman’s laugh was completely unscripted. her laugh was real. she just thought the guy was funny. and the room was comedically crowded.

  5. look for the surprised reaction of the guy in the green shirt in the right corner. i love his genuine surprise at her hilarious laugh.

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