The most original TV ad I have ever seen

I saw this for the first time on the big screen at the Cannes Advertising awards ceremony. I hadn’t seen it before, and i sat in my seat mesmerized. I kept thinking “if I was on the jury this would have got the Grand Prix”. Luckily for me i wasn’t on the jury because our campaign actually won the Grand Prix in the film and tv category. This ad did win a gold lion i think. Not too bad!

I was struck by it for a couple of reasons. Number one being i would never in a million years, even assisted by a million monkeys with typewriters, have come up with this idea. Or rather this executional approach. OK, both!

I remember it brought the rowdy crowd in the palais in Cannes to complete silence. But because it wasn’t funny, and because we were all so stunned, it didn’t get a lot of applause. I remember saying “this should have gotten the grand prix!” to my colleagues. that didn’t go down so well.

PS: it’s an ad for a Brazilian weekly magazine. EPOCA means “week” in Brazilian.


8 responses to “The most original TV ad I have ever seen

  1. Extremely well produced and also very thought provoking. If the magazine is about provoking thought in its readers then this hits the marl extremely well.

  2. What’s great is there’s not a single piece of film in it, it’s all done with stills.
    So, although it looks as good as commercials costing millions of bucks, it was done with stock shots, that most ‘creatives’ turn their noses up at.
    That’s real creativity.

  3. I remember this. it was in 1999 or 2000.

    bloody brilliant!
    loved it.

    thanks for remembering me.

  4. yes riki, that was the year.

    dave, it was truly creative. poetry. never forgot it.

  5. I loved it as a music video. Old Skool Ambient Pink Floydish Industrial. Great production work and it totally related to the word ‘Week’. I have to assume the magazine is like Time or Life but wasn’t quite sure.

  6. yes howie. it’s a weekly news mag. pure magic!

  7. I think you are selling yourself short. You may have come up with a concept like this. All you have to do is ask yourself, “What is a week?” Anyway, absolutely brilliant. In every way. And I feel more human for having watched it. Yet humbled.

  8. not so sure rob. the only problem is that i never ask myself things like “what is a week?”. a week is seven days innit. problem solved. ;-)

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