“Hey, I’ve got this great idea for Budweiser!”

When i worked on Budweiser i would frequently get tracked down by civilians who were sure they had “the next big thing” for Bud. I kind of enjoyed it. Because they were invariably insane. And so fun to talk to on the phone. And also because, you just never know. Serendipity had been very good to me once, why not again?

These two spec ads sent to me by an African gentleman. I strongly suspected at the time that he was a porn director. But maybe not. Either way, i loved the naivete of the executions. You know if they put these on TV as is they would have gotten noticed. I’m not saying they’re brilliant, just different.

This was a phase of my career when my mind was so open that my brains sometimes fell out. but hey, that goes with the territory.

4 responses to ““Hey, I’ve got this great idea for Budweiser!”

  1. Hahahahah….oh my god those are awesome!

  2. Loved it! BTW did the same list of ‘related videos’ show up for you too on You Tube? Just curious!

  3. I love that tagline:

    Bud. Just drink it.

    Really sums up the spot nicely.

  4. yup. what else you going to do with it?

    hope you’re settling into CPB nicely kent. Boulder sounds magical.

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