Me and Captain Kirk

Years ago I worked in a small but progressive agency in Boston. One day a guy paid us a visit. He wanted us to to create an ad campaign for a new company. It was called He was the marketing manager.

The founder of the company, a brilliant but eccentric guy named Jay Walker, had somehow gotten all the major airlines to allow him to auction off their unfilled seats on this new website. That alone was a staggering achievement., unlike a lot of other dotcoms, was a brilliant idea. It was a great use of the internet. Consumers got better deals, the airlines got money they otherwise wouldn’t and made a fortune. Win, win, and frankly, win.

So we set about creating ads for this company. It was easy. Simply communicate the idea behind priceline and it would sell itself.

Then we went off to see Jay Walker in Connecticut. His office was in the old Singer sewing machine HQ. A strangely avant garde architectural tour de force. Sewing machines used to be like computers at one time. Every household had one. Big money was made evidently. Apparently from the air the buildings looked like parts of a sewing machine.

So we go into Jay Walker’s office. Jay himself was a fizzing energy bomb. His office reflected this. Everywhere you looked he had these perpetual motion sculptures whirring and moving incessantly. And all over his walls were space and sci fi memorabilia. Astronauts gloves etc.

After semi-listening to our presentation, he looked at us and said “Have you guys considered using Shatner?”. Shatner? Oh, you mean William Shatner. Captain Kirk! No, we hadn’t considered using Shatner. But I got the distinct feeling that we would now. And we did.

“Bill” Shatner is still doing ads 13 years later.

8 responses to “Me and Captain Kirk

  1. I have a hunch I know what inspired this post :)

  2. Hahahah funny!

  3. I’d have Shatner all over the place.

  4. what is it Len? i have no idea what inspired it.

  5. Vinny
    Are there tumbleweeds drifting by your place after my joke?!

  6. Did the client call you Scotty?

    I think he did and i think you let him get away with it :)

  7. tumbleweeds and crickets john!

    the client was trip nico. but he didn’t call me scotty. i was Chekhov to him! but i have to say Bill Shatner was a prince who completely “got” his place in the culture.

  8. When Priceline went public and was valued at 14 billion that was one of the key moments I knew dot.coms would crash. ( was another). For 14 bil at that moment I could of bought American, United, and US Air including all their planes, gates, etc. Didn’t make sense. Simple Finance stuff. Maybe investors lost a lot but Shatner, Walker and the VCs made a killing. And good for them. Not their fault people bid the offering up so high. But the Ad work was stupendous you keep surprising Vinny!

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