I need a beer. No, seriously.

I spent the lion’s share of my career working on Budweiser and Bud Light. As you can imagine, it’s a fun category. And i was good at it. And no, not because i’m Irish. That’s like racism or something.

No, i was good at it because I spent my formative years working in a pub in Ireland. I innately understand how booze is retailed. I just “get” it.

There was a time when I would have put a gun in my mouth rather than come up with another script for a beer ad. I needed a break. So I took one.

And now I’ve had a break of a couple of years. I’m refreshed. I want back in.

You see, selling alcohol isn’t a struggle for me. It comes easy. It’s like doing a crossword puzzle. And i’m real good at crossword puzzles! It was more like a hobby that i got paid for. I loved every aspect of it.

So here’s the deal. If you are an alcohol advertiser and you fancy getting a fresh take on your brand, give me a call. I’ll do the first campaign for free. I promise you this: you will love my ideas and they will very obviously work. You’ll see.

15 responses to “I need a beer. No, seriously.

  1. Pabst it on.

    Now come on that’s gotta be worth something!

  2. Meant to say “Pabst. Pass it on”. Tap into the caring sharing culture. Homage to Schweppes’ “Schhh… You Know Who”.

  3. there’s a coincidence – I’m deep in market research at this very moment, literally POS

  4. I will vouch for you as someone who currently is swayed by premium and craft brew advertising that you bring an A game. Though to be fair Guinness will always be a top favorite of mine. But I hear by promise I will taste and patronize any premium or craft beer (and force my friends to as well and I have a lot of friends in NYC and LA) that uses Vinnie Warren for Creative. This guarantees full ROI on their first campaign.

  5. I would like to see some stuff for Asahi. Love that beer.

  6. thanks howie. i like guinness too. any well brewed beer is fine by me

  7. If this results in you getting a beer account, you might have just revolutionized the agency pitching model.

    Hope it works.

  8. thanks dan. cheers to that!

  9. Hi Vinnie,

    Did anything come of the Newkie Brown work I did for you?

  10. You probably missed my tweet last night that I chose Smithwicks last night at dinner in your honor. This Sports Grill in Albany has 2 for 1 drafts now all day long and great food. I also love Harp and Murphys too. And if you ever get to NYC you must visit McSorley’s Pub if you haven’t yet. 15 E. 7th St. in the East Village. Oldest pub in NYC and they make their own beer..since 1856.


  11. smithwicks. or as we call it in ireland: “beer”. could never understand that one. i know mcsorleys well. a friend of mine knew the owner who bought it for like sixty grand years ago.

  12. guy, i haven’t forgotten about that. just a matter of tracking down the brand manager. sorry.

  13. Must kill you doing great work for some of the US Bottled Water brands LOL. Do you have the heart to tell them you wouldn’t touch the stuff? As long as the bank account cha-chings is all that matters.

  14. actually i loved Budweiser. great beer. drank more than my share of it when i worked on it. bud light not so much.

  15. don’t have you email Vinny. But this is a relevant place. New Guinness Commercial of a pint sliding around town not spilling until it reaches the guy through a window. Did you like it? Not sure it sells the product. Curious your take.

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