First they messed up my orange juice. Now it’s my cereal. My breakfast packaging hell continues!

This morning I reached for my favorite breakfast cereal. It’s a wholesome sounding mélange of nuts, raisins and whole grains. For years its packaging has looked like this:

A sensibly warm and vaguely rustic-looking box that hits the right notes from an appetite appeal point of view. It looks like it’s better and worth more than say, Coco Pops or Corn Flakes. This packaging is doing its job. It’s going with the flow of what’s in the box: wholesome goodness. It’s also what I want to see. It validates my decision that what’s in the box is superior to the other less expensive cereals. This packaging is adding value and serving as a point of purchase ad. That’s what packaging is supposed to do. So far so good. What could go wrong? Surely the brand managers etc at Post realize this. Let’s face it there can’t be too much going on there. Pretty much all they have to do is not mess up the packaging. Or improve it.

Well, guess what. The good people at Post couldn’t leave well enough alone. They decided to revise the pack. And went in precisely the wrong direction.

This is their new improved packaging. Look at it. It’s awful.

Generic, corporate, unappetizing, cheap looking. So bad that I thought twice about having a bowl of it this morning. Even though it’s the same stuff in the box. The old packaging was no masterpiece but at least it communicated the right tone and vibe.

That thing looks like I bought it at Aldi. It looks like a ripoff version of the brand i loved. Boo Post cereal.

Now kindly follow your friends at Tropicana who took my advice and undid their crap packaging decision. Actually, let me do you a favor. I offer you the services of The Escape Pod crack design team to redesign the box. For free.

Because I’m not buying the new pack. Literally.

I can’t look at that abomination first thing in the morning. Life is simply too short.

9 responses to “First they messed up my orange juice. Now it’s my cereal. My breakfast packaging hell continues!

  1. The first one looks like it was designed by a human being. (Not necessarily the most talented designer in the world, but at least a human being.)
    The new one is by a moron with a computer.

  2. Every complaint, critique and helpful suggestion of the focus groups (they do so excel when it comes to typography I think) neatly arranged on white cardboard. Who needs designers when you can have hausfraus.

  3. I’m hungry.

  4. it’s like they have no connection to the real world whatsoever. my children could do better. i am serious too. i simply CANNOT look at that box. the design is so bad it affects the taste. Ugh!

  5. People our age need our Fiber even if the packaging sucks. But then your in Illinois. Can’t you just harvest wheat outside your window?

    In all seriousness? =) it looks like a designer spent like 6 months trying different fonts (took me 3 months to settle on Juicy ITC for my collegiate product!) then how many months with study and focus groups before the green light…so it must be a weiner..I mean winner.

    Plus they saved big $$$ using the same cereal bowl photo because after years of research consumers said that was the one thing they shouldn’t change.

  6. well spotted howie. the bowl is the same.

  7. Lay off Aldi! Aldi rocks! It’s certainly better than anything in Royal Dutch A-Hole portfolio.

  8. You are correct. Please accept my apology. Aldi indeed does rock.

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