This is a remarkable idea

And when i say “remarkable” i mean it literally, ie this idea is WORTH remarking upon. Look at me here, remarking upon it. Putting it on my blog. Doing my part to give P&G free media.

What i like about this TV ad/piece of film is that it’s a smart use of media. not just TV. TV was the seeding program for what was very cleary conceived and shot with serious popularity in mind. It aired first on the Superbowl. It’s what the kids these days call “viral” i believe.

it’s a very direct demonstration of the product but executed in a way that’s just crazy enough to get that involuntary childish giggle out of all that watch it.

it’s done with confidence too. which is key. the audience can smell fear. trust me! these people (l’il agency name of Wieden and Kennedy) knew what they’re doing. i bet fun was had on this shoot. Which was helmed by some guy named Tom Kuntz. Might want to change your name to something cooler Tom. Like Agony/Ecstasy, The Ironing Board Liberation Front. Something like that.

The whole thing is a smart each-way bet as they say at the racetrack. At worst they had a very funny TV spot. At best, and i’d say it is, they have a nice-sized viral hit. Pop a cork guys!

4 responses to “This is a remarkable idea

  1. FYI – nice little video on a bet about how much CGI/compositing work was done to make it happen. Features the two guys who conceived and executed the work.

  2. thanks for that dude. this is simultaneously old and new school. perfect!

  3. CPG’s are the toughest sell. In the Industrial World when bids are sent our for hardware normally there is 1 brand/part in mind but to be fair they always include ‘or equal’. It is much easier for hardware companies to get a specification written that blocks out most competitors. CPG’s it’s almost impossible with price and often Store Club Card Deals trumping all the Ad Spend. Yet they all need to advertise. All W&K can hope for is a woman shopping takes the caps off Old Spice and likes one of the scents, of course if your lady likes the scent your going to try it. Then hope it does the job. If it doesn’t there are 35+ other choices at the store. That is not W&K’s fault if it doesn’t.

    Since I am pretty critical because I come from a Sales background with the bottom line being ‘did you help sell a product’, I stop being a Brand Champion , and become a Brand Critic when an Agency does it’s job, which is getting a consumer to try something once, this is a great commercial spot. Even if Old Spice sells ZERO units, if W&K gets people to pull that cap off and smell in the store W&K did their job. The writing was awesome.

    Also thanks for the behind the scenes. I have quite a few friends in Hollywood who build and dress sets for Movies and TV. My last job was selling hardware that doesn’t exist yet, like designing/developing gas regulators that can cool down the seeker cone of a missile trying to locate and hit another missile heading to the US at 14,000 mph, or regulate 10,000psi of Hydrogen to safely deliver gas to your cars fuel cell without your car exploding. When you have the right budget everything is possible.

  4. wow howie. that sounds cool. did you work at Tesla?

    i like that ad because it sells hard. and doesn’t beat about the bush. “you want women (who buy this shit for their man) to consider old spice? OK”. and they did it. no brand bullshit. just charm and directness. yesss!

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