BBH is the new Leo Burnett. And Wieden and Kennedy is the new BBDO. And Crispin Porter Bogusky is the new…Um….Er…You know.

Sometimes things can move at an imperceptibly slow pace. And then all of a sudden change at a furious pace.

The ad agency world is a bit like that. For years the alphabet soup of DDB, BBDO, etc loomed over the landscape like great big dinosaurs. Devouring everything in their path. Bigger was better. We give you more bang for your media (TV) buck. (Not actually true but accepted as truth.) And then the internet happened and the cool kids no longer seemed so cool. Things changed. And continue to change.

The enormous accounts that 15 years ago would have been a shoo-in for Leo Burnett et al (Cadillac, Coke, Miller Lite) are now housed at the rebels of yesteryear. Wieden has Coke and Dodge. BBH has Cadillac. Wieden and BBH have a long history of impacting the culture. Of living on the edge as Bon Jovi might say. And now they’ve become the establishment they used to be the reaction to. Which makes one wonder what the future holds for the previous champs.

Anyway, I’m hereby laying claim to the niche once occupied by Wieden and Kennedy on behalf of The Escape Pod. Big shoes to fill I know, but somebody has to do it.

10 responses to “BBH is the new Leo Burnett. And Wieden and Kennedy is the new BBDO. And Crispin Porter Bogusky is the new…Um….Er…You know.

  1. thanks vik. we could use a hungarian/german around here!

  2. What do you crave? Currywurst or salami?

  3. currywurst! love that stuff!

  4. Hahah that stuff always did me in when I had it for lunch instead of having it while drunk.

  5. i had that at an awards show in berlin a few years back. best beer food ever.

  6. Yes, it’s a greasefest.

  7. You described the music industry in your post. What a crazy parallel of what happens to bands if they get big and have some longevity. As well as the rising star flash in the pans. Thank ye for the history btw.

  8. Last time I checked, BBH was 49% owned by Leo Burnett, who are owned by Publicis.

    I also think the CDP worldview is so over…

  9. well spotted. yes hugh, i conveniently and purposefully omitted that key piece of information.

    i was more concerned with the inevitable fashion churn component to our, ahem, industry.

    The holding companies know what they’re doing. it’s not that hard to figure out.

    but you have to love the sweet BBH deal. Sir John Hegarty is a canny dude. Had a very long chat with him once.

    What happens to Leo and DDB now that BBH and Goodby are the new them?

    as you know there’s no oldies circuit in advertising ;-)

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