This guy loooooooves what he does

Wow. Frankly.

12 responses to “This guy loooooooves what he does

  1. That guys name is John Nese.

  2. If you really want to differentiate and become a business that people go out of their way for. This guy is Case Study No 1. Too bad he wasn’t just as passionate about beer!

  3. yes howie. passion is so rare. it’s like humor. everyone THINKS they’re funny. i’m sure everyone would also say they’re passionate. but what evidence do they have that they actually are? there’s a blog post in there! thanks.

  4. I want to go there right now. Where is it?

  5. He’s in LA Ben. i too am def checking this guy out next time i’m out there.

  6. OMG! I’m there.
    Reminds of a time I was in Katz Deli, NYC . Ordered the salt beef sandwich right off the bat but I didn’t know what to drink.
    Thinks Soda is american for lemonade so I shout out “Give me a soda”. “What kind of Soda?!” comes back the ‘In a New York minute’ reply. Totally flummoxed I just pointed to the nearest thing I could see.
    This shop, sorry stor would have me weighing up sodas for hours!

  7. I love this guy. It’s how everyone in business should be.

    Gives a good shout out to our friends at Fentimans too.

  8. yes john. he’s magnetic, isn’t he. “soda” threw me for years. i thought they meant seltzer. no wait that threw me too. whatever.

    i just had the mega pastrami at Katz’ deli and budweiser. dying of a hangover at the time too.

    vic, isn’t he. he inspired a new blog post about passion. am i as passionate as this guy? is anybody? he puts us all to shame.

  9. I think the trick is to keep it simple. Seems very difficult today when you’ve got all manner of ‘idiots’ wanting to ram home every single idea into every media hole as possible all the time. The more bang for your bucks has got a little out of hand. It’s a poster, no wait it’s a dps, no wait it’s a 30 sec t.v slot, no wait let’s make that work as an ambient piece, how about as an ashtray? Give me a break. How about using the idea in the most appropriate channel. i.e where the bloody prospect is. Can we just stop this scatter gun approach to everything now.

  10. For some reason this made my brain misfire a bit, but in a very good way. Some things he made me think:

    1) Yes he’s passionate, but maybe that’s because he stuck to the thing he’s passionate about.

    2) I’d like to think we’re all this passionate about something. Most just haven’t figured out how to make a living out of it. This guy shows it doesn’t matter.

    3) I’m sure someone said “a soda store, how are you going to make a living doing that?” And he said, “I don’t care.” And did it anyways.

    4) Reminds me of In N’ Out Burger. Had my first experience last year. It lived up to the hype, as few things do. One thing that stuck out to me, the menu was sooo small, a couple variations of burgers and a couple fries, that’s it. They do what they do best. They’ve never fallen into the trap of pleasing everyone. You want a good burger, here it is.

    5) Who wants a Taco Bell diet menu?

    6) Salad at McDonald’s makes no sense.

    7) This guy is dead on about diet soda. They’re crap. The calories aren’t the problem, corporate decisions are. Coke used to come in little 6-8 oz bottles. Now it’s a liter. Or maybe 64 oz at 7-11. How about just drink less of the really good stuff?

    Same goes for food. Maybe get the small fries instead of a super size. Or Eat your favorite fast food once a month and really load up. Instead of eating the “healthy” stuff on the menu every day, and never truly being happy.

    What’s the point in cutting lard, butter, sugar or alcohol from a diet? That’s like saying don’t be happy, just don’t swim in any of those things, reduce.

    8) I feel like I’ve been this passionate about a clients products, only to not have them reciprocate. – That’s disappointing.

    9) I’ve seen clients this passionate, and seen the agency structure let them down. – That’s devastating.

    10) Have you ever thought about sending out an RFPC (Request For Passionate Clients?) I think a truly passionate client and an obsessive agency could really disrupt modern culture, even with a very small budget.

    11) Maybe we should all just stick to what we’re passionate about and the world would be a better place.

    12) Just pray someone out there is really, really passionate about cleaning the toilet.

  11. what in n out and this guy have in common with a lot of other passionate folks is an uncompromising devotion to excellence. they stand for something. “best burger and fries in the world” “widest array of sodas”. and they don’t compromise. no salads at in n out. no chips at the soda store. i think excellent organizations are excellent in every respect. i think compromise is the slippery slope.

    people used to think Anheuser Busch was just a big factory that brewed beer cheaply and then tricked people with great advertising. it wasn’t. everything about them was impressive. they were fanatical about the beer as a culture.

    i remember when i started out in advertising being petrified that i would do a crap ad. so l learned from the best and did my best. but for years i had little or no success. nobody bought my ideas. it was scary. then i realized that i was right and they were wrong!

  12. ’12) Just pray someone out there is really, really passionate about cleaning the toilet.’
    Easy, that’s this guy!

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