5000 tweets later

I joined twitter almost a year ago. I recently past the 5000 tweet mark.

Here’s what I’ve learned from the experience so far.

1. Twitter is a bit like smoking: it’s mildly cathartic and pleasing. It can be addictive.
2. Twitter is great for creative types. It’s an audience for your musings. And it keeps you sharp. You have to think before you tweet. Not a lot. But enough.
3. You get a small window in the minds and lives of others. And they might deviate wildly from the type of person you’d normally meet organically. I love that about it.
4. Brands don’t really belong on Twitter. Twitter is for people. There will be exceptions to this but if you don’t have a beating heart and a brain nobody will care.
5. Twitter (and social media in general) is about caring about it and putting the time and energy into it. There’s no short cut. It’s a bit of a grind. A tweet is a mini-pulse of thought and energy. This is why brands flounder on twitter.
6. It’s a bit like keeping a diary. The more you get it into the less self-conscious you are about it. I’ve loosened up considerably over time. Some might say I’ve loosened up too much. But hey, sue me!
7. Twitter, like a lot of other things, is what you make it. I initially got enthusiastic about being able to follow UK comedy folks whose shows I liked. And I still do. Subsequently I made a lot of contacts in the advertising community. And some completely random people I would never ever meet: a young female fashion designer from Southern California who is riotously funny. And a young woman from Dublin for whom I had Rob Lowe record a special Christmas greeting. Never met her. But I knew she was a fan of his so I made it happen. Made her day. And making her day made my day.
8. Your followers are like your crew. Your people. I was having problems with this blog. It was taking ages to load so I tweeted about it. A helpful London-based ad creative of German/Hungarian extraction (Hello Vik!) repaired my blog for me as we chatted on Skype. This kind of thing happens quite frequently. Twitter can be very useful.
9. Tweeting is fun. There are no rules and it’s nice to feel connected to lots of different people.

7 responses to “5000 tweets later

  1. Very thoughtful post. I have sincerely enjoyed reading your Tweets the last few weeks. Just be careful. Sometimes the gamma radiation from Skype when crossed with the anti-matter stream of Twitter can cause minor explosions. Though Daiquiris sometimes can mitigate things.

  2. I’m only half Hungarian, the other half is German ;)

  3. Well thank you Howie! i thought i was following you but wasn’t. rectified that. and you’re right. having a twitter pal fix your blog over skype is tempting the wrath of gods of the internet. i shall sacrifice a bottle of Stella Artois.

    vik, i knew you were half-german. forgot about that. when i was in budapest i was fascinated by the ethnic makeup of the place. it’s a euro-soup there isn’t it?

  4. Yeah, pretty much. But Berlin is even more so, loads of tourists and people from around the world who decided to live there.

  5. I approve of your Irish blood and beer choices. Growing up on Long Island I had many Irish friends. Plus Guinness, Murphys, and Harp are favs of mine when pubbing and Jameson is the Official Unofficial whiskey of Burningman in Black Rock City. So I will be making the pilgrimage someday to the emerald isle.

  6. Hi Vinny,

    I like to read the Tweets of someone posing as Cheryl Cole (an English Pop-Star and judge on X-Factor, who also happens to be from Newcastle).

    They’re hilarious, once y’knaa what suz gan on aboot:



  7. howie, i’m off to ireland next month. should be fun. you’re from LI? i used to live in queens for years. Long Island people are very funny. no accident seinfeld is from there.

    guy, yeah twitter really lends itself to that: one-note but entertaining comedy. i’ll give her a try. thanks

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