G2, you just went viral!

I’ve come across this a bunch of times online. It’s a pitch video from G2, a division of GREY advertising. They were pitching Volkswagen at the time.

Now i’m guessing they never intended for this rather innocuous film to be leaked to the advertising community. And I’m sure they’re less than pleased that it’s getting attention from an audience that was never intended to see it.

Advertising pitches are crazy. Lots of money at stake. Lots of pressure to win at all costs. They are intense. You rack your brain till it hurts. But they are exciting too. Personally I love them. You feel like you’re in the A TEAM.

And as a general rule, having advertising people on camera talking about advertising is not a good idea. We invariably sound like hairdressers. Which in a sense is what we are! The hair and makeup department of business. That’s us.

So now G2 is being skewered by advertising people for being full of shit.

“Mr. Pot, there’s a Mr. Kettle waiting for you in reception!”

We’ve all seen stuff like this. It’s no big deal. I’ve seen far worse things in my life.

I will NEVER forget that COMPAQ computers pitch…(rubs chin, stares into the middle distance)

UPDATE: G2 and GREY advertising did the dumbest thing they could have done in this situation. they went all STALIN and legally forced youtube to yank the video. stupid over-reaction guys. the video simply wasn’t that bad.

SFX: FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 responses to “G2, you just went viral!

  1. “An agency that gets it” ’Nuff said.

  2. oh i know vik. it’s too easy to mock something like this though. i’ve seen shit like this all my career. same BS goes on at Wieden and Mother too. just cooler t shirts and haircuts.

  3. I’ve witnessed it myself numerous times. I guess most of us just don’t want to look stupid and talking in long and complicated sentences with big words will somehow make us look intelligent and smart. In reality it doesn’t.

  4. i can assure you vik that nobody ever utters a sentence like that at The Escape Pod. Though our neighbors frequently complain that we shout and swear too much.

  5. I heard laughter every couple of minutes while on Skype. Seems like a fun place to be! :)

  6. oh yeah vik. laughter is the key. it has to be fun.

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