Blog fixed!

Received a lot of complaints that this blog took ages to load. We fixed that. in the past you insanely had to load EVERY SINGLE post on this blog, now 300 plus posts, every time you visited the blog. An egregious error for which i beg your forgiveness. Stupid Vinny!

A very analytical and tenacious and helpful young man from London fixed it for me. We did it via skype. He would rather selflessly prefer to remain anonymous. And i’d like to honor that request. But i can’t.

His name is Vik. Thanks Vik!!!

3 responses to “Blog fixed!

  1. You made it a sticky again Vinnie! :D

  2. sorry Vik. force of habit! never again. i swear. thanks.

  3. Vinny, your blog really was the slowest thing on the web.

    Now it’s fast. Thanks Vik!

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