Who wants to learn about advertising?

I’m thinking of teaching a six week or so advertising class here in Chicago if anyone is interested. Ideally you will have just graduated college and are looking to learn about advertising. But i don’t really care who you are or what stage in life you’re at. Just so long as you’re dead keen to learn about advertising. Because trust me, i am dead keen!

I have taught advertising in the past at our local ad portfolio school. and kind of enjoyed it. but the one thing that annoyed me as that invariably there were some students just twirled their and acted like I was boring them. because they REALLY weren’t that into advertising. they were still in college in their heads. and i was just another boring lecturer. i wanted to strangle those people. but that’s against the law. apparently!

So i thought i’d launch an Escape Pod ad class.

criteria for admission: you must REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love advertising and want to learn more. and you have enough to pay for one 12 pack of Stella Artois. the class will last as long as the twelve pack of stella. so no more than six can attend.

non-drinkers are especially welcomed!

23 responses to “Who wants to learn about advertising?

  1. I want to!

  2. Does the sixpack of Stella include a plane ticket to Chicago?

  3. I’m in. Except I can’t get to Chicago. Can you film them and put them on YouTube with a special unlocking nasal sensor that means you have to be drinking Stella when you’re watching?

  4. So the price has gone up from a 6 pack of Newcastle?

    As one of the non-bored students of that class, I highly recommend this to anyone interested. I’m still passing Vinny’s bits o’ wisdom off as my own.

  5. thanks justin. yes the price has gone up! but that’s the only cost.

    and yes howie, ben, i’m thinking of filming it. being more modern about it. put it on the interwebs somehow. also, it’s NOT going to be just a portfolio review thing. that gets old.

  6. Holy cats, I would kill to attend an Escape Pod class with the renowned Vinny Warren. I will provide you with your own 12 pack of Stella & bring my own Grey Goose. That’s the only booze I consume.

  7. thanks carly. you’re in! grey goose and all. you and phil k. are the chicago attendees so far. just need four more!

  8. Cool I will round up some of my drinking ad sales pals who fancy themselves to have a creative side. Unless you’re allergic to ad sales types.

  9. the key here carly, is that they be really interested in advertising. ideally passionately so. that, and the ability to pay for a 12pack of Stella are the only criteria.

  10. Can’t you get some of those guys from Colossal Squid to join in?

  11. I’m in!

  12. carly, john w., allan s. & phil k.
    we just need 2 more people should be considered to contribute 72 Stellas.

  13. yes carly. i’m working on getting a few more peeps. the key though is that they are truly hardcore into advertising. because if they aren’t i’m frankly not interested in having them. no dilletantes!

  14. it’s coming i promise. prob. in may.

  15. Very cool, I suggest Thursday evenings as everybody needs some fun by that point in the work week. Also best to wait until the frozen fjord months have passed.

  16. Vinny, throw us a bone & schedule the classes. Anxious to kick off my winter boots & get some creative juices flowing!

    • it will be in May. sorry about this. been really busy. still need some hardcore attendees. people who really love advertising!

  17. OMG, just giving you a hard time–don’t give it a second thought! Just having pre-March spring fever…

  18. hi vinny,

    i was a part of the panel at wfm today-senior designer. you guys did an awesome job. i would love to take your class. i can hook u up with some organic sh**t too.

  19. mera, thanks for your kind words.

    you officially make it six! let’s do it. in may.

    it’ll be fun.


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