This is a great idea.

Found this over at David Rolfe’s Posterous Thingy. This is the idea: Hello, we are Domino’s, our pizza sucks. And it’s an ad for Domino’s Pizza!

Escape Pod collaborator Oscar-nommed director Henry-Alex Rubin and producer Drew Santarseiro were at the controls of this one. They did a little ole thing called Whopper Freakout for Burger King. Not uncoincidentally also via Mr. Rolfe and CPB.

I love this idea. And i bet it will have a really positive and galvanizing effect on the Domino’s Pizza internal culture. Great job everybody.

6 responses to “This is a great idea.

  1. I’ve always believed that you can’t fix something until you recognize and embrace the fact you have a problem.

    Their pizza is crap, their image was crap. They recognized the image problem and went with Crispin. Now they recognize the problem with their pizza. Maybe there’s good things to come. Maybe.

  2. well the only way is up dan. and i say that a staunch New York pizza snob. it’s a new product launch! and it has to be a better product. that is genius.

  3. I’ll always prefer Chicago thin crust. The cheese goes on top.

  4. dan, the great thing about nyc pizza is the uniformity of quality. even bad ny pizza is pretty good. like even the pizza at LaGuardia airport is pretty damn good. can’t say the same about chicago pizza. and i think it’s because the slice is unit of pizza in nyc. constant sampling!

  5. what’s this about Vinny? is it a commercial? can i watch it somewhere?

  6. check it out here nico.

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