Why I love LA

it’s always struck me that one of the biggest advantages we have here in USA advertising is that we have Hollywood in our backyard. We have access to the same machinery that produces the films the world loves. And that machinery is well-oiled and moves at lightning speed. It’s an industry. One week your DP is shooting with Spielberg, the next week he’s shooting your ad. It’s a quality thing.

Not just that, you’re shooting in the state, California, that understands that the movie industry is a huge source of revenue for it. And so is dead keen to make anything happen. There is a flexibility here that just doesn’t exist elsewhere.

The crews here are the best (fastest) in the world. It always impresses me how fast and furious and just plain “on it” everyone is here. If you want it you can get it. Very few questions asked. if only everything in the world was as responsive and thoughtful.

Every time i shoot here i come away with a positive feeling. These people really care and they truly give 100% all the time. Hooray for Hollywood!

3 responses to “Why I love LA

  1. My favourite thing about shooting in LA is the catering trucks.
    I’ve been in restaurants with less choice.
    One time the catering truck had about a dozen different Liptons and Twinings teas for the Brits.
    We kidded them that they didn’t have proper ‘builders’ tea, just posh herbal infusions.
    Next day they had Tetley and PG Tips.
    Attention to detail and pride in your job, I like to work with people like that.

  2. True. Some very talented and hard working people out in the hills of LA

  3. yes dave. i’ve had some great meals on set. they aim to please.

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