The crazy world of stop-motion animation.

I just went to see THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX, Wes Anderson’s excellent foray into the excruciating world of stop motion animation. Stop motion is where they make models of each character and painstakingly move them fractionally, shooting every single micro-action. As you can imagine, it takes bloody ages! No, even longer than that.

Stop motion animation is its own world. It is very nerdy and geeky. No human actors to contend with. It’s like playing with toys for a living.

This was my only venture into this arena. It was a holiday ad for OfficeMax from a few years back. We had a campaign featuring a charismatic African-American actor (later a star of My Name is Earl) who didn’t really say much in the ads. Actually he never said anything. So when it came time to do a holiday ad i suggested mimicking the classic Rankin Bass Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer style animation. We got BENT animation in Portland OR to go wild on the idea. and they did. I was impressed. If not exactly too involved in the actual process. they clearly had a lot of fun doing it.


2 responses to “The crazy world of stop-motion animation.

  1. You had an interview about your life AND you have your own action figure…Vinny, you are a celebrity and you don’t even know it!

  2. yes nico. but STILL i get no respect from my kids!

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