The most insanely addictive thing I’ve seen in quite some time

its’ a Christian rap video trying to encourage a new behaviour among the youngsters. You see, apparently Jesus doesn’t like “front huggin'”, so they are trying to popularize a less sexual and more Christian “side hug”. File under: Only in America. Wow. Just wow.

6 responses to “The most insanely addictive thing I’ve seen in quite some time

  1. Because history only makes things funnier: The traditional greeting of early Christians was to kiss each other on the lips.

    At least it has a happy ending.

  2. that’s very funny justin. why are some christians so fixated on sex?

  3. Because it’s awesome? I honestly don’t know why though. Latin Catholics don’t seem too hung up about it the way us northern European types do. I think it’s some weird cultural virus that has attached itself to some forms of Christianity. I certainly think it’s more complex than just America’s Puritan history.

  4. Pretty sure the Catholics are still hugging it out.

    How is it that the very christian central and south american nations don’t have the same problems with sex that the bible belt does? Same religions.

    And I love the police sirens in the music with handgun fire. Only makes sense considering the subject.

  5. Justin, just noticed we made essentially the same comment. Puzzling indeed.

  6. i think the short answer is we are dealing with people who aren’t comfortable expressing their feelings and emotions to begin with. they are uncomfortable with hugging. and with a lot of other things i’m guessing. i’m sticking with front huggin’ yo!

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