What advertising can do

The former account director on Budweiser when i worked on the brand at DDB, Marty Kohr, put this on youtube recently. It’s a highlight reel that demonstrates the impact our work had on the culture. This was the bit that fascinated me most. Winning awards is nice but it’s really just the icing on the cake. it’s not enough.

our campaign was explosively popular. I’d never seen anything like it. it was kind of scary really at times. but just really exhilarating most of the time.

As ADWEEK recently did its crowdsourced best-stuff-of-the-2000s thing, i proffer this as proof that we should win that contest. By virtue of its sheer popularity alone.


6 responses to “What advertising can do

  1. awesome.

    did anyone ever calculate how much free media dollars that campaign created for bud?

    if they had only given you a penny for every dollar…

  2. nico,

    you know they did a calculation based on the first three months alone of free media coverage that was like $50 million. but they lost track after taht. but that number was just based on media mentions and stuff like in the video. the really valuable stuff i think was in the hundreds of millions of viral video views and online parodies. it was the first, unintentionally, crowdsourced campaign. we didn’t really have to do anything after a while.

  3. I drink your milkshake…or rather your Bud!

  4. thanks, but how could you be jealous dave? gertcha! holsten. toshiba. to name just three. now i’m jealous!

  5. A testiment to you brilliance! It still lives on.

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