The power of the Internet

everyone needs to watch this. proof that anything’s possible with a dream. and the web…

7 responses to “The power of the Internet

  1. I could never get tired of saying exactly that, Vinny.
    Thanks for amplifying it. This story’s a great proof that you never know what’s actually hiding behind apparently small things. Things you enjoy doing are never insignificant.

  2. agree anca. you just need to follow through and be patient. hard!

  3. Lovely!

    Vinny, did you ever see this?

    The most inspiring video i have ever seen

  4. The link above is a short version.

    The whole lecture lasts more than an hour.

    I put the whole thing on my blog.

  5. i forget where i saw it. think norm just sent me the link. i am thinking about publishing my amazing daughter’s book. she is a seriously gifted writer. her stuff is amazing.

  6. Great post.
    I love the way the book has touched people of all age groups.
    It really does show that everyone has hopes and dreams no matter what age… and you should never give up on them.

  7. agree ciaran. people can sense passion and honesty a mile off!

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