Daily Archives: August 25, 2009

Coming soon: purely theoretical beer!

I snapped these this morning. I remember when A-B introduced Michelob Ultra Light a few years back. it was the first ultra-light beer. they wisely chose Michelob instead of Bud to do this line extension. We at the agency used to refer to it as “wet air”. it was spectacularly lacking in substance. I wasn’t a fan of the taste. but it was surprisingly successful. especially among the over 40 crowd. it started a trend. or rather continued an existing trend.

the trend among american beer drinkers has been towards ever lighter beers (lagers) since the early 1980s. the revival of craft brewing here being perhaps a reaction to this. Samuel Adams certainly made hay by being the anti-big brewery. I won’t even go into their, ahem, questionable brewing practices. That train has sailed baby!

now i know there are those out there (European visitors especially!) who make fun of American beer. And some of that is justified. But tastes are what they are. You can’t fight that.

Although, at a certain point, it’s no longer beer anymore. it’s beer flavored water. And you certainly could argue that we may have reached that point. Like now!

(we’re the least beer you can drink!)

(no, we are!)