Confusing Newcastle Brown Ale ad of the day

I saw another one today.

so as far as i can gather, the ad campaign for Newcastle Brown Ale in the USA – biggest beer market in the world btw – consists of an enormous pint of beer “standing” in front of a white brick wall (or the bricks are really tiny and the pint is normal size. whatever) and adding robotic sounding almost communistic propoganda slogans. this couldn’t possibly be any more devoid of humanity. very strange.


13 responses to “Confusing Newcastle Brown Ale ad of the day

  1. That’s EXACTLY what it is, “communistic propaganda”. That’s what things used to look like over here — namely like hell — because there was no competition, so no one had to outshine anyone.

  2. What are they doing to my beautiful city and my beautiful drink?

    I suggest that we all get together and pitch for the business ourselves (if we win, would it be the first bit of business won by a blog?)

    I’m going to “research” the product.

  3. i’ll help in any way i can. what do you think their ad campaign should be guy? my idea would be to go to Newcastle with an HD camera and find the campaign there. hit the pubs of newcastle. that accent would be hilarious in an american context. it would need subtitles. it would be great radio too. create a charming campaign that gets into your head.

  4. First time I met a guy from Newcastle I patiently listened to his passionate discourse, then said to him “It sounded sooo lovely, now can you please translate it into English? Decaffeinated.”

  5. Hi Vinny, I’m working on a few thoughts. I’ll send them over when I think I’m onto something.

    This is exciting – finally representing my home town in the way it deserves!

  6. yes guy. newcastle deserves better. it’s like when i see guinness ads over here that misrepresent the brand and ireland. it bothers me!

  7. anca, you would be the expert on communistic slogans ;-)

  8. Don’t get me started. Here, take a look at this:

    “THE Party, Ceausescu, Romania”
    Hymn dedicated to the Tyrannosaurus. You don’t want to know what kind of flash mobs were happening in this country on the 23rd of August. Jesus!

    Here’s an eloquent example:

    …which makes this a happy end:

  9. jesus anca. no love lost there was there? a traumatic but final transition. the romanians don’t mess around!

  10. Fortunately, the revolution was less visible here in the northern part of the country. And I was only 6 – lucky me, at least they haven’t ruined my life. Haven’t lost any relatives in ‘89, thank god. All I remember is the horrifying noise of firing guns. And the fear that my father could be imprisoned — he was one of the rebel members of the Communist party (and the membership was not a personal choice). And from the balcony we could see the public institutions being set on fire. You don’t forget such landscapes. Or such landscapes:

    But you know what’s actually tragic? It’s the fact that the lives that were destroyed were not only the lives of those who died in ’89. The ones who had to live during Communism can say they lost their lives, too – my parents and grandparents included. So when we say we’re a young democracy, we mean that in 1990 we had to restart our history and learn to walk again. No direction, just experimental freedom. That’s why I don’t judge the abnormalities I see today. The best thing to do is stop complaining and start changing things around you – the apparently insignificant things that you can control.

    I think we lost the beer on the way somehow. Where were we? Oh yes, I was critising the most solid democracy for having released and ad that looks like a Communist instance of je-m’en-fish-ism. :)

  11. so how can we use beer ads to prevent such things happening again ;-)

  12. I know this one: TV ad needed – Begins with shocking snapshots from our Communist past. Perfect silence. Then suddenly this abominable Newcastle Brown Ale ad pops up and the music begins: If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next.

  13. back to the beer! here’s what y’all should know about americans and beer. and more specifically NBA.

    beer tends to mirror local climate. hot as hell in mexico, ergo Corona. a very light easy to drink lager.

    miserable as hell in ireland. incessant rain. bone chilling damp cold. ergo Guinness. refreshing but in the opposite direction of Corona. not thirst quenching. but appropriate.

    NBA lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. newcastle is no picnic climatewise. so it has a bit of guinness’ comforting darkness. but it also has a thirst-quenching bite to it too.

    most america has at least some brilliant baking sunshine in the summer. and obviously california and florida and the southern states have year round sunshine. the east coast and midwesst have more seasonal weather. so NBA is set to score everywhere in this country. unlike guinness for example. whose natural constituency is more on the east and northwestern coasts. the “winter’ states.

    NBA’s success here means it belongs in this market. it isn’t a hard sell. like guinness is. it’s the english ale for bud and bud light drinkers.

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