Confusing beer ad of the day. Numero Tre

It would appear Chicago is beset by an attack of enigmatic and baffling and let’s face it, boring beer ads. Perhaps it’s a stealth move by the spirits industry to create a state of stultification among beer drinkers and curb demand for beer. who knows.

today’s entrant is for Peroni, a very pleasant light lager from Italy that is gaining traction over here. In Chicago at least. It appears to be riding Stella Artois’ coat tails to an extent. the future looks bright for this beer IMHO. so what the hell is going on in this ad? a wee ribbon on the label is spun out so it collides/melds with a dominatrix-looking stiletto heeled boot. i have seen other iterations of this campaign. where the wee ribbon attaches itself to vaguely italian things. on the upside it’s more graphic than the previous perplexers. but it’s very far from exciting the viewer into a froth of thirst.

as i’ve previously posted, selling beer is about creating the right vibe. and furthermore with booze, it’s all in your head! so how about creating advertising that has a chance of getting into beer drinker’s heads?

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