Tropicana takes Escape Pod advice. Apparently.

I have three kids. consequently we drink A LOT of orange juice chez nous. and Tropicana was our family’s preferred OJ. All was well.

And then for some reason Tropicana changed their packaging radically. And in the wrong direction. They dropped their saliva-inducing orange-with-a-straw-stuck-in-it icon for bizarrely anodyne and bland-looking new packaging that threw us – and a lot of other people – for the proverbial loop. it was boring and unappealing.



so much so that i noticed my wife had started buying this orange juice instead. 2-22
It’s called Simply Juice. And that’s what it is. it was so much more appealing to look at than Tropicana’s new and decidedly unimproved packaging. and therefore it won at retail. for very obvious reasons.

Tropicana’s mistake was the best thing to ever happen to Simply Juice. this previous blog post recounted that event. and I severely admonished Tropicana for what was a very basic and fundamental error. you had something good – something with appetite appeal. all you had to do was not do anything. and you couldn’t even do that. not only that but you went off in the opposite direction of good. tsk, and frankly, tsk!

So recently while on vacation, i picked up what i thought was Simply Juice.

But closer inspection revealed it to be a Tropicana clone!

Clearly someone (or someones) at Tropicana clearly reads this blog. you devils! We really should start charging you guys for this advice.

9 responses to “Tropicana takes Escape Pod advice. Apparently.

  1. I guess accidentally grabbing the Tropicana is a step back in the right direction. But doesn’t seem quite as good as purposefully choosing the brand.

    Just checked the fridge, turns out we’ve been buying the Simply Orange stuff for a while now. I’d love to give you all the credit for that, but I just can’t prove it.

  2. yes dan. being super-appetizing works in the food category, i guess.

  3. The stopped selling Tropicana over here (Holland) years ago.

    There was a rumor that it caused cancer.

    Turned out to be false ofcourse but the brand was dead.

  4. really? that would do it.

  5. Who the eff would believe that Tropicana O.J would cause cancer. I mean wtf! Jeez what would David Cross make of those people!? Anyway rant aside. I like the bottle shape. Very grabable.

  6. …make that grabbable.

  7. turns out i was mistaken about tropicana not being sold here anymore because of vicious cancer rumor.

    it’s Punica. do they sell that in the US?

    by the way Vinny, i think why you like the old packaging so much. It says “no pulp”


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